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Hello, and welcome to the Flyte so Fancy website which now brings the Framebow Animal Housing and Dorset Log Stores ranges into the Flyte so Fancy family.

Now in our 20th year we have redesigned this website to showcase our extensive range of timber Chicken Coops, Walk-In Poultry Runs, Duck Houses, Aviaries, Catios, Rabbit Houses, Dog Kennels, Dovecotes, Log Stores, and Garden Storage. All our housing and stores are designed and made in Dorset, from sustainably sourced timber, by our own craftsmen.

Browse our website to view our full range of Supplies and Equipment as well as Garden Bird Products including Bird Tables, Feeders, and Nest Boxes. We deliver throughout the UK.

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Ask Phill

Join Phill (our founder) as he guides you through Chicken care with our top tips and tutorials.

Video 1 - Worms in Chickens

Phill discusses one of the main problems when owning and caring for Chickens: worms. An Easy to follow guide for how to deal with the cause for worm infection to eliminate the problem.

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Big Garden Bird Watch in January
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Excellent poultry...
"I got this as a replacement pen after the fruit cage I had been using blew down in Storm Arwen. The instructions were clear and the pen (bought with..."
Jan | POSTED 6 days ago
Worked well, but...
"The first bomb I placed in the middle of the house, but still found creepie crawlies the next day. A few days later I put another bomb in their..."
Angela | POSTED 8 days ago
Helps with boredom
"I purchased this to help keep my hens entertained while in lockdown. They do seem to like it. Lasts quite a while as well. Happy chickens."
Sas | POSTED 10 days ago
Hens love it
"My hens love the blocks. Not tried the garlic one yet but they demolished the fruit one in a short amount of time. Gives them something to do while..."
Sas | POSTED 10 days ago
Perfect duck house...
"Customer Service/Delivery Review: I purchased this house the Monday before Christmas and was desperate to get it ASAP as I had rehomed some Pekins..."
Miranda | POSTED 10 days ago
"Fast and efficient would definitely recommend "
Kayla | POSTED 10 days ago
"Excellent service and a lovely well made nest box "
M | POSTED 10 days ago
A good distraction...
"We were looking for things to keep our small flock occupied during the avian flu lockdown. Hanging these blocks up helps - during the day there is..."
Meg | POSTED 10 days ago
Perfect addition...
"These hardwood chips are just perfect to keep my girls amused, especially during their own lockdown. It last well, is safe and stops the floor of..."
SB | POSTED 15 days ago
Triple wheelie bin
"Excellent quality, high quality wood panels, strong hinges and brackets. Highly recommended."
Ollie | POSTED 18 days ago
Hen house
"Very pleased with the new hen coop "
Rosemary | POSTED 20 days ago
Chicken Supplies...
"Always receive excellent service from Flytesofancy and good advice regarding chicken keeping."
liz | POSTED 20 days ago
Good product at...
"Product met all requirements at a very competitive price, delivered promptly."
David Bone | POSTED 20 days ago
Great boredom...
"I’ve never given scratch before but hey in hen lockdown… I sprinkle a couple of handfuls around and about the hard to access places in the run..."
Frevillebabe | POSTED 20 days ago
Vintage cream jug..
"Bought as a Christmas gift and the recipient absolutely loved it "
Maria | POSTED 20 days ago
life changer
"This piece of plastic has changed my life"
chickenman | POSTED 20 days ago
2 spoilt hens!
"My hens just love them and I never buy enough. They also like scratching up my flowers when not in lockdown!"
Granny pat | POSTED 20 days ago
Just Great
"I have now 2 Handy 4 Houses and they are great so well made perfect."
Rolly | POSTED 20 days ago
Fabulous and tasty
"My girls adore this mix …. Also excellent nutritionally when they are moulting etc …… They have actually starting ‘demanding’ this mix !!!! "
Mammachook | POSTED 2 months ago
Smells better!
"Wouldn't buy anything else to put in my girls' nesting boxes. Clean, fresh and smells good too - at least for a wee while anyway :)"
KTB | POSTED 2 months ago
"At last an end to scattered corn. Both me and the girls are happy and the food stays clean and dry. Good weight so less likely to be knocked over."
jenm | POSTED 2 months ago
Very nicely made -...
"A very nice looking nest box. Well made and looks durable. Won't know until next year whether the birds will feel the same about it. "
DickeyH | POSTED 2 months ago
Fantastic quality,...
"The duck house was with me within 10 days and was really simple to assemble. The delivery was great with lots of communication. The quality of the..."
zoe | POSTED 2 months ago
Lovely hen house
"The hen house itself is lovely and well built and good quality. It could be made a little bit easier to clean if perhaps one side of the roof was..."
Andy | POSTED 2 months ago
"Exactly as expected and very pleased."
none | POSTED 2 months ago
"I have an eglu on paving stones and literally wouldn’t use anything else in the run. It’s hard wearing, durable and excellent value for money..."
Pippa | POSTED 2 months ago
Only the best will...
"According to my chickens there is only one food that is worth it’s weight in gold. They have been tried on plenty of other cheaper feeds which..."
Lucy | POSTED 2 months ago
Plenty of shell and...
"This is a nicer mix with lots of shell. The pieces are smaller sized than my last grit. Perfect for rescue hens. "
Frevillebabe | POSTED 2 months ago
Give us more!
"The doves and pigeons love this product.It is a must.After their daily seed they head for the pickstone pot."
Linda Gatto | POSTED 2 months ago
HempBed-E® Poultry...
"I love this bedding and the smell you get when opening the bag is wonderful. Good for hutch covering."
Adri | POSTED 3 months ago
Pecking blocks
"My hens love these blocks. Easy to clip onto side of hen run. "
Granny pat | POSTED 3 months ago
Fabulous hemp...
"Absolutely love this hemp bedding. Smells fresh and goes a long way, easy to manage delight to see hens happy, on dry warm bedding. "
Apet | POSTED 3 months ago
Good value,...
"I like Aubichick, it's soft, very absorbent, not dusty, you don't use very much at all so it goes a long way. "
AMM | POSTED 3 months ago
Brilliant stuff
"Have used this for a long time as nest bedding for my chucks, excellent stuff and smells lovely too"
Maggs | POSTED 3 months ago
"Love these. They look very realistic, are a good size and have a nice weight. I bought them to encourage my birds to lay in the right place whilst I..."
Chickenlady | POSTED 3 months ago
Brilliant product
"We ordered this woodchip for our run last year and it is absolutely amazing. It was time for a freshen up and after searching we couldn't find..."
Kim | POSTED 3 months ago
Dual purpose
"I think this is the first woodchip we came across for poultry runs, although we've since seen a softwood alternative. However, we've stayed with the..."
Peacemaker | POSTED 3 months ago
Smells gorgeous
"This is a lovely aromatic bedding for keeping my 6 Pekin hens clean and healthy. "
Bottom of the pecking order | POSTED 3 months ago
Top Product
"Great product, lasts for ages (12 months for me), goes a long way too. Hens love scratching around in this and it gives them something dry to stand..."
Zena C | POSTED 3 months ago
Agrovite shell &...
"Just started to use. Not long enough to make a comment on the efficacy of the tonic."
Guitar man | POSTED 3 months ago
"Thank you for such a wonderful product. All perfectly made and fitted together well and you actually gave me more screws than I needed!! The whole..."
Tim | POSTED 3 months ago
Lasts ages, smells...
"Use this in all my coops, far superior to wood shavings from an absorbency point of view. Easy to spot clean, smells great, birds are all happy..."
Cricket_the_cockerel | POSTED 3 months ago
Superb quality...
"Bought this to house my 3 bantam Polkie hens and bantam Polkie cockeral. I have to say I've been looking at these coops for a while but was always..."
Cricket_the_cockerel | POSTED 3 months ago
Hardwood Woodchip...
"My chickens love the woodchips. Great quality and fast delivery. No dust or bits, no need to filter through, just woodchips. Will be purchasing again..."
Louise Melling | POSTED 3 months ago
Super treat
"Chooks love this food . Best used as a treat for my girls . Excellent if they are going through a moult … "
Crazyaboutchooks | POSTED 3 months ago
Great item
"Searching for these items and finally found them on your website thank you it's exactly what I wanted and the prices were fantastic thank you "
Suzymac | POSTED 3 months ago
WOO | POSTED 3 months ago
"Love our new log store. Looks exactly like the image shows and is a beautiful addition to the garden. Delivery was good, there was a small delay but..."
Pete | POSTED 3 months ago
Egg boxes
"Really quick service and an excellent product. My eggs love these wonderful boxes and so do our customers. "
Ian | POSTED 3 months ago
Hardwood Woodchip...
"Fast delivery, excellent product, my hens are very happy now in their enclosed run. It's 4 m X 3m and 10 bags are sufficient."
Lynne | POSTED 4 months ago
"I hadn't used one of these before and so as the smoke was only produced for a very short period I thought it had gone out. It turned out that there..."
Anne | POSTED 4 months ago
Mite powder
"Easy to apply(even on a chicken) it smells pleasant and the chickens seemed to find it soothing. I add it to the dust bath and nesting box too as..."
Anne | POSTED 4 months ago
"The best product I have used. I have an old coop made with layered slats(not ideal to keep mite down) and it was a real problem for me until I..."
Anne | POSTED 4 months ago
Tripod Chicken...
"Well made. Excellent product. Flytesofancy service and communication was excellent"
Noddy | POSTED 4 months ago
Palatial surrounds...
"This is a superb quality chicken palace. Super easy to assemble and looks great stood on granary stones. I got the auto-door which works a treat, and..."
filchambers | POSTED 4 months ago
Scaly leg ointment
"Fabulous product very effective and great value for money ."
Suzanne | POSTED 4 months ago
Lovely feed
"Second bag purchased, the girls love it, lovely mix of bits for them"
Angiep | POSTED 4 months ago
Excellent broody...
"Promptly delivered, good quality and generous size"
Judith | POSTED 4 months ago
"This is an incredible product. Not only does it look a lot better than any of the other cat enclosures I could find, the quality and design (and..."
Steve | POSTED 4 months ago
Bedding love it
"The bedding is amazing cleared my mite and smells lovely have a friend ordering excellent service"
Julie 1229 | POSTED 4 months ago
"We’ve been looking for a good wheelie bin storage solution for a while and after reading user reviews of this company we decided to..."
Elise | POSTED 4 months ago
Great quality!
"Fantastic quality, really solid it just doesn’t compare to the cheap flimsy units sold elsewhere. I also like the fact that it has a closed back...."
Dennis | POSTED 4 months ago
"Good Sturdy Boxes and speedy delivery.. "
Jane | POSTED 4 months ago
Brilliant product
"Really good absorbent product. Smells nice. Fantastic service. Ordered one day, delivered the next."
Andy | POSTED 4 months ago
Brooder Coop
"I have now bought two of these coops both with the extra run. They are absolutely ideal for my Pekins. Beautifully made with quality seasoned wood...."
Fussyshopper | POSTED 4 months ago
Excellent quality...
"We ordered 2 Okeford logstores in bespoke sizes. The quality is excellent, they are incredibly sturdy but also look really good Right from quote..."
Lizzie B | POSTED 4 months ago
"Wonderful Duck House, good communication and very pleased with my order."
North Yorkshire | POSTED 4 months ago
Excellent stuff
"I love this grit because my chickens do! It's a perfect size for young birds and bantams. I definitely recommend it."
Chickenlady | POSTED 4 months ago
Love this drinker
"I really, really love this drinker. It has excellent capacity without being too bulky in the cage. I bought it for my Doves and Pigeons and it means..."
Chickenlady | POSTED 4 months ago
Excellent! Highly...
"We’d been looking for a decent bin store for a while when we came across flytesofancy website. We read some user reviews and decided to place our..."
Elise | POSTED 4 months ago
Delighted with our...
"We are very pleased with our new hen house. It took us just under one hour to construct it, from unpacking to placing the straw in the nesting box...."
Grandma's Farm | POSTED 4 months ago
An attractive mix
"The wholesome bits of Garvo's 'Alfamix' but without the soya-based pellets that my chickens won't touch. Expensive, but worth it, I think, for the..."
Toreba | POSTED 4 months ago
Wholesome and...
"An attractive mixture of colours, textures and flavours that the chickens enjoy. I hope that one day 'Natures Grub' will make it available in sacks..."
Toreba | POSTED 4 months ago
Excellent Quality
"Ideal compact store for garden tools.. Excellent design and build quality. Will most definitely last for many years."
Richard | POSTED 4 months ago
Arch Cat House & Run
"This is an excellent product. Beautifully crafted & easily put together with all holes pre drilled. Very clear instructions enclosed. Flytesofancy..."
Coo | POSTED 4 months ago
great stuff
"My girls love this, used it as a carrier for their Flubenvet and they scoffed it willingly"
lesley | POSTED 4 months ago
My girls love it
"Brought this as a treat and the girls love it. They pick all the separate little pieces out and are so excited when the tub comes out in the evening...."
Angie p | POSTED 4 months ago
Top quality, at a...
"The design and construction of this product is excellent. Everything fits together perfectly, which is crucial as I am not very practical. It’s a..."
Glenn | POSTED 4 months ago
"Fantastic !!!"
Paula | POSTED 4 months ago
Egg boxes
"The customers like these egg boxes because they can see the eggs. They are a good product. Very satisfied and fast delivery. Well done."
Jaygee | POSTED 5 months ago
Chicken treat!
"My chickens love this treat and one particularly gets excited, it’s a good mix of quality ingredients and is a fairly substantial size. Would..."
Pip | POSTED 5 months ago
Large 1100 wheelie...
"The item arrived well packed and was very easy to asemble it is well built and very sturdy"
Elliot | POSTED 5 months ago
Highly recommended
"I am really happy with the Maggie's dozen long legged coop. It looks wonderful, is a really good design, is very pretty and amazingly well built...."
Emna1 | POSTED 5 months ago
"My girls were laying their eggs in secret places that i couldn't find, so I bought a china egg to put in their coop - in the hope it would encourage..."
Dawn | POSTED 5 months ago
Garden Tool Store...
"Very helpful service. We were able to select black hinges to match our summerhouse and which side we wanted the door to be hung. It arrived on the..."
J. Craig | POSTED 7 months ago

Shopping Satisfaction