Melcourt Playsand 15 litres
Adding Melcourt Playsand to Dustbath

Play Sand for Dust Baths, 15 Litre bag

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Melcourt Playsand is a washed and screened silica play sand that is a great idea to use in dust baths for your chickens (as well as children's sandpits of course!).

Note: 15 Litres by volume will weigh approx 20kg (depends on how damp the sand is so a definitive weight cannot be given, it is a guide).

Benefits of using this Play Sand for chickens include:

  • Pre-washed, preventing staining and marking of feathers
  • Rapid drainage during wet weather allows dustbathing all year round
  • Hostile living environment for pests such as lice and mites
  • Nominal Particle Size Range: 0.25-0.50 mm.
  • Bagged by Melcourt Landscape Ltd.
  • Sold in 15 litre plastic sacks, approx weight 20kg (note: hence carriage charge almost the same as product price).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Anne Edwards (Abertillery, GB)
Bathing material

First time I've purchased this. I was hopeful it would be dry when opened but no luck. Seems to take ages to dry out.

Vivien South (Bury St Edmunds, GB)
Great Products

Great website and ease of ordering. Really found the online advice and videos helpful. Purchased the hardwood chips, sanatiser, dried herbs/flowers to add to bedding, sand for the chooks dust bath and other items, pleased with all. Swift delivery, very satisfied customer. This will be my go to site. Thank you Flyte so Fancy!

JT (Andover, GB)
Play bark and Play sand

Faultless service. First time using bark and sand
My girls gave the bark their seal of approval straight away. The sand was damp but that's to be expected as most bagged sand is. I'm sure they will use it once it drys out.

Sarah Gurney (London, GB)
Brilliant service


Pamela Brooks (Bournemouth, GB)
Play sand

Needs to dry out before the chickens can dust bath but wherever l buy the sand from other outlets it always is damp .When it drys out it will be good and it is a very fine sand. Excellent service from Flyte so fancy .