Aviary Grand Chicken Coop for 8 birds
Flyte Aviary 8 Grand Chicken Coop side view
Run area of Flyte Aviary 8 Grand Chicken Coop
Double width day perches Flyte Aviary 8 Grand Chicken Coop
Rear view of Flyte Aviary 8 Grand Chicken Coop
Inside the house of Flyte Aviary Grand Chicken Coop
The Flyte Aviary Grand Chicken Coop
Polycarbonate Run Roof option
Flyte Aviary 8 Grand Chicken Coop dimensions
The Flyte Aviary Grand Chicken Coop

The Flyte Aviary Grand Chicken Coop

Sale price£1,199.00
Polycarbonate Roof:

Polycarbonate Roof


The Flyte Aviary 8 Grand Chicken Coop for up to 8 hens with an extra-wide run space. A Grand Chicken Coop indeed!

Approx 6ft 5in wide x 13ft 7in long x 6ft 2in high (footprint 6ft 3in x 12ft 6in).

The accommodation in the coop is the same as for the Aviary 8 with two removable perches and an external nest box. We have then doubled the depth of the run area so The Aviary Grand run covers approx 66 sq ft. (note: The Grand does not come with the timber skirt as standard, as photos, this is an optional extra at £95).

We use our 9mm thick recycled polypropylene for the Never-leak Roof on the house. Result: a dry, warm, very secure chicken coop and ... leak-proof! See Specifications tab for more details.

  • House & Run access from one side 
  • External Detachable Nest Boxes 
  • Easy to clean, no bending 
  • Removable Internal Perches
  • Ventilation grilles
  • Washable Removable Resin-coated Dirt Tray 
  • Never-Leak 9mm Polypropylene Roof on House
  • Double Fully Opening House Door 
  • Portcullis Resin-coated Pop-hole Door 
  • Wide External Day Perches
  • Timber Skirt is an Optional Extra 
  • Polycarbonate Run Roof Option 
  • Auto Door Compatible

To add an Automatic Pop-Hole Door Opener to the Aviary take a look at Automatic Door Openers and, if ordered at the same time as the house, we will fit it for you.

The door openers will sit outside the house section itself, inside the run, and directly above the pop-hole door. If ordering to retrofit then you would only need the opener unit i.e. you do not need a lightweight door or any extra cord, or pulleys.

Extra features can be added to make protection from the elements and wild birds more complete, which is sometimes necessary with our more delicate girls. A Polycarbonate Roof (6mm twin-wall) can be added to the top of the run, providing shelter without reducing light. It will make the run area biosecure and protect most of the surface of the run from the worst of the rain.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Danielle Cherry (Ferndown, GB)
Nothing but 5*****

From the first enquiry to delivery, I can not recommend enough!

I have the grand chicken aviary and could not be happier. Quality product, easy to erect, and even better looks the part!
Thank you

Hi Danielle,

I normally aim for some degree of humility in responding to reviews, but you're right - I am awesome, thank you for taking the time to say so! I know you didn't mention me by name or anything, which is okay, I think we get the general gist of what you're saying...
Glad to hear that you're happy with the Aviary! Not to be greedy but Ellie would love a photo for social media when the weather is worth being outside long enough to do so?
Thank again,

Lee Blackmore (Attleborough, GB)
Game Changer

Going from what we had to what we have now is miles apart. we went for the grand and our 4 hens have so much room.
It was easy to put together with two people and took 2-3 hrs in total.
Instructions were ok and if you have had the "flat-pack" experience you should be ok.
well packaged and no damage in transit at all.
All the parts were there including a mastic gun so a Brucie bonus!!
The mastic that comes with it to seal the joint was ideal for this job, just make sure you have enough left over (if you get the roof) to complete the job
No leaks to date despite the "Noah" like weather we've had!!
The detachable hen house is a genius design and so easy to remove and clean.
My only grip would be as we got the grand, the two end panels had extra pilot holes in them as they were initially two single-ends to make the two ends required but I guess it's easier that way.
I would give this a solid 10/10 and if you can stretch to the grand you will have no regrets.

Jason A (Woking, GB)
Fantastic well thought out product

A great coop for the home chicken owner. Took only a couple of hours to erect fully. Solid, sturdy, well thought out product, that hopefully will give years of happy chicken living!

Jo Shackleton
The Flyte Aviary Grand Chicken Coop

This is a small, local firm making all their materials on site. The quality is outstanding, as is the service. We ordered from them after visiting to look at the chicken coops and were so impressed. When one item was missing on the pallet prior to delivery, it was replaced within 24 hours. Absolutely superb. Phil and Anne are very knowledgeable, giving us sound advice over the phone and when we visited to look at the coops. The quality of the coop is superb, being made on site by their team. When one item was missing due to pallet damage, it was replaced within 24 hours. We couldn't have asked for more.

Laure Rigal
The Flyte Aviary Grand Chicken Coop

Fab service all round!