Handy 4 Hen House with Pekin Bantams
Pop-hole of Handy 4 Hen House
Handy 4 Hen House side view
Handy 4 Hen House surrounded by roses
Rear view Handy 4 Hen House
Rear view 2 Handy 4 Hen House
Never-leak Roof on Handy 4 Hen House
Inside view showing mesh ventilation
internal nest box and perches of Handy 4 Hen House

Handy 4 Hen House

Sale price£345.00
With Heart Window?:

With Heart Window?


This Small Handy Hen House is a compact hen house for 4 hens - a 'Portable Pocket Henhouse'! Delivered Ready Assembled.

Approx. 3ft x 3ft (externally) this is the smallest of the Handy Henhouse range with internal nestbox and freestanding perches.

The Handy Henhouse has a 'Never-Leak' Roof which is made of a tough low-maintenance, grey, UV stable, recycled polypropylene - no roofing felt for nasty mites to hide in; no leaky corners; completely waterproof; lightweight to reduce weight and help portability.

Comes with a simple Internal Nest Box Tray and a Freestanding Perch Rack to take 4 birds. It is spacious inside, with headroom for a cockerel, so it could comfortably take 4 average sized laying hens, or 2 and a cockerel. Perfect for up to 6 small Bantam Hens too.

The front door opens wide for access, easy for collecting eggs and easy to clean. Ventilation louvres on either side also act as carrying handles and they are meshed inside to prevent vermin intrusion.

It is raised up on 6-inch legs to help keep it dry and to prevent vermin living underneath. The pop-hole on the right-hand side has a ramp which also folds up to close securely with a galvanised bolt.

There is an option to add an Automatic Pop-Hole Door Opener, which we would fit for you if ordered at the same time as the hen house.

The VSD and lightweight door would be fitted inside the henhouse allowing the birds out in the morning - without you having to go outside on a wet and windy Sunday morning - and then it closes in the evening so you don't have to worry about closing the door as soon as it gets dark.

Then, to keep your hens secure and safe from predators, why not add a 6ft or 9ft long Wired Run to the Hen House. The run just hooks up to the house so can easily be removed when not required, or used if you just need them confined for a short time.

For more details about the timber we use, how to keep it waterproof and take care of it over the years please visit the About our Houses page.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Cherry Cook (Feltham, GB)
New home for my bantams.

This is the second Handy Henhouse we have purchased. Well made and strong - our silkies love it so another ordered another for our bantams. Also efficient fast delivery.

Pat Taylor (Faringdon, GB)
Great hen house

A well constructed, stylish small hen house. Delivered promptly. Great service.

Judith (Shrewsbury, GB)
Perfect little house, the girls love it.

This is a great house for my chickens, really well made with good materials. It's easy to clean and well protected against the weather. A little more money than some others available but comes ready constructed - a huge bonus.

Jamie Shawyer (London, GB)
Eggcellent customer service

Thank you Dan,, !

Kim Hartley (London, GB)
handy 4 hen house and dust bath.

such good quality and came already put up which for those of us that are a bit 'slow' when it comes to putting things together! However we did have 2 pieces of wood in the sand pit which we are unsure where they go? On the hen house and if so where or on the sand pit again where?