Handy 15 Hen House with wheels with Brahma Cock & Hen
Handy 15 Hen House with wheels, without heart window
Rear view Handy 15 Hen House with wheels
Side view Handy 15 Hen House with wheels
Handy 15 Hen House, pop-hole open
Ventilation Louvres
Internal view with perches
Meshed ventilation Handy 15 Hen House
Nest box detail of Handy 15 Hen House
Dimensions of Handy 15 Hen House with wheels

Handy 15 Hen House with wheels

Sale price£745.00
With Heart Window?:

With Heart Window?


Handy 15 Hen House with wheels. Designed and made here in Dorset by Flyte so Fancy.

This is a large, practical, timber chicken house for up to 15 hens, with wheels to make it mobile and a removable roof for extra access.

Delivered Ready Assembled.

The Handy 15 is a very functional, mobile poultry house which will accommodate up to 15 hybrid-size hens or 12 and a cockerel.

With the fixed axle wheels on one end, you can lift like a wheelbarrow and wheel to new ground (it is a heavy henhouse though). Note: The handles are approx 95cm (37") apart and 63cm (25") high which may not be practical for all reach-wise, however, a second set of wheels can be added to alleviate this.

This hen house arrives ready assembled (cannot be disassembled); it has a spacious inside, and the floor is approx 5ft x 3ft; with three 5ft long perches.

There is an external nest box to the rear, which you can remove for cleaning and more access, a very large front door and double ventilation louvres on either side which are meshed on the inside to prevent predator intrusion.

The removable roof is made of a dark brown resin-coated board making it easy to remove when cleaning, but still ensuring your hens remain dry and safe inside. This solid roof means no chance of warping or leaking over time.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Peter Stuart
    Handy 15 Hen House with wheels

    Efficient response from enquiry through to the delivery service. Plenty of experience and information on products. Our purchase was the 5th over as many years. Built to last, added this house to existing 2 houses which are a few years older and still in A1 condition.

    michelle scott
    Handy 15 Hen House with wheels

    Second to none. Nothing too much trouble. I wanted it fast delivered and that was no problem someone got in touch so that I could pay the extra delivery. They were in touch about delivery keeping me constantly updated. I would recommend them and I would use them again. Good solid structure.
    Could do with a little chain and hook to keep the nest box lid up while you are collecting eggs or cleaning.

    K Heuck
    Handy 15 Hen House with wheels

    Friendly and efficient Good product - very happy

    Susanna Emsley
    Handy 15 Hen House with wheels

    We like the quality of the product but had a few problems with missing parts. Although they tried to resolve it over the phone they sent us the wrong parts so we made them up ourselves. Not what we expected. Beautifully made - We have a few issues re design - where do you put the food to not get wet but also not be pooed over from the roost. If you have attached the run how do you easily open and shut the door to the house. If on uneven ground the run does not attach because of the main ridges on the hen house.

    Sorry to hear of problems Susanna - I will get Phill to call you.


    Lynda BRYANT
    Handy 15 Hen House with wheels

    Good service but not happy with latest order. The house is well made and looks good, but it is NOT rat or mink proof. The air vents leave enough space for the fattest rat to stroll in, and the vent around the nesting boxes means he doesn't even have to climb much to get in. I will have to make adaptions with wire mesh to keep the hens safe. Totally unnecessary to make them with such wide gaps. This house would need an all round enclosure to be secure, not a run.

    This is a puzzle Lynda and we will sort it out - the run should be for the Handy 15 and fit snugly against the house, you shouldn't have to make any changes, I think there must be something wrong if it isn't fitting. We will call shortly.