Flyte so Fancy Fair Care Warranty

Flyte so Fancy Fair care Warranty Badge

Our Fair Care Warranty covers the cost of re-supply by Flyte so Fancy Ltd of any Pressure Treated (Tanalised) Timber component that has proven to have failed as a result of fungal decay or insect attack within a 15-year period from the initial purchase. It does not cover the costs of removal or reinstatement of such components or consequential costs or loss due to failure of the component.

The term 'fungal decay' as used in the warranty refers to wood destroying fungi that feed on and degenerate the wood cell walls. It excludes staining and mould fungi associated with the weathering of wood. The term 'insect attack' refers to an attack by wood digesting insects that destroy the timber structure. The term 'failed' refers to damage caused by insects and/or fungi to such an extent that the component is no longer fit for purpose.

With the TANALITH-E wood preservative used for our pressure-treated timber, together with the quality redwood timbers we use, and their careful preparation, we further provide a 2-year Warranty for Quality of Manufacture from the point of sale. This covers any metal fixings and furniture used which are either stainless steel, zinc plated or galvanised. This does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.

To minimise twisting and warping all Flyte so Fancy timber products should only be placed on firm and level ground. Softwood is a natural material that can twist and split during periods of wet/dry, hot/cold weather. If cracks do appear, it is a natural occurrence and not a fault with the material or product. To treat any cracks, you can apply a product called Burgess Creepy Crackseal which is purpose-made for timber or rub a little PVA wood glue into the crack with a cloth. Once dry, sand the area lightly. This will not affect the treatment of the product or the warranty.

1. Flyte so Fancy products (including Dorset Log Stores and Framebow Animal Housing) should only be used for the purpose for which they were designed. For instance, the units can be placed in ground contact (surface contact) but must not be embedded within the ground (below the surface).
2. Should the Pressure Treated (TANALITH-E) Timbers be cut, notched or bored during installation, then exposed surfaces should be liberally brushed with an end grain wood preserver to the directions shown on the product label.
3. To comply with this Warranty and ensure the longevity of your timber unit we recommend an annual treatment of the timber surfaces with a waterproofing product such as Protek Timber Eco-Shield. TANALITH-E pressure-treated timber does not have to be painted or stained to maintain its preservative properties, but pressure treatment is not weather protection and therefore further weather protection is recommended.
4. Any component which has been further planed, cut or notched after delivery but not treated with an end grain preservative is not covered by this warranty.
5. A proof of purchase invoice must be supplied with any claim (we hold copies of invoices electronically for 6 years after purchase).
6. Care must be taken with positioning so that any legs or bearers are not in permanent or semi-permanent contact with standing water or wet ground.

1. Any Flyte so Fancy units supplied or shipped outside the UK.
2. Any second-hand units not bought directly from Flyte so Fancy Ltd
3. Units that have been fundamentally changed from the original design; sawn or notched.

1. You would have received the timber in a 'dry state' but we advise the wearing of gloves when handling the timber panels to protect the skin from splinters and abrasions.
2. If power-sawing or machining pressure-treated timber, wear gloves and goggles. Wear a dustmask and perform these operations outdoors to avoid accumulations of airborne sawdust. Avoid frequent or prolonged inhalation of sawdust.
3. In order to prevent injury, care should be taken when lifting or moving your timber unit. Timber houses and stores are heavy and can also twist if not handled with care.
4. TANALITH-E pressure-treated timber is not classified as hazardous waste. Local regulations should be referred to.
5. TANALITH-E waste timber or offcuts should not be used for animal bedding or for fuel in barbeques, cooking stoves or grates.
6. Domestic end users should dispose of any waste treated timber through the ordinary waste collection service or at a local authority disposal site.