Handy 10 Hen House with wheels surrounded by roses
Handy 10 Hen House, without heart, with wheels
Pop-hole of Handy 10 Hen House with wheels
Side view Handy 10 Hen House with wheels
Rear view Handy 10 Hen House with wheels
Meshed louvres inside the henhouse
Detail of roof Handy 10 Hen House
Inside Handy 10 Hen House
Dimensions of Handy 10 Hen House with wheels
Handy 10 Hen House with wheels

Handy 10 Hen House with wheels

Sale price£590.00
With Heart Window?:

With Heart Window?


The Flyte so Fancy Handy 10 Hen House with wheels - a simple design, a mobile chicken coop for up to 10 hens.

Delivered Ready Assembled (cannot be flat-packed or disassembled). For current delivery timescales see Delivery Tab.

The Handy 10 Henhouse has external nest boxes and a very spacious inside with two long perches.

The 'Never-leak' Roof and Nest Box Lid are made of a tough low-maintenance, light grey, UV stable, recycled polypropylene - no roofing felt for nasty mites to hide in; no leaky corners; lightweight to reduce weight and help portability.

With two wheels on one end, it can easily be wheeled like a wheelbarrow and it has four handles for just lifting the whole house if required. Note: The handles are approx 84cm (33") apart and 56cm (22") high which may not be practical for all, however, a second set of wheels can be added to alleviate this.

A large front door gives very easy access for cleaning, inside there are two removable perches across the width of the house at approx. 12ins high. The pop-hole on the right-hand side has a ramp that, when folded up, is secured by a bolt.

Good ventilation, without being in a draught, is important for hens so the Handy Hen House has meshed ventilation louvres on each side.

It has external nestboxes at the back which are removable for easy cleaning and held in place with cabin hooks on either side, it also has two gravity catches to hold the lid on tight.

Our trademark heart-shaped polycarbonate window in the door allows light in - and makes it look cute too. If you would prefer no window then please use the drop-down box above to select.

There are options to add a 9ft or 12ft long Wired Run which would attach to the side of the house to keep the hens secure or contained when necessary.

The Handy Hen House can also have an Automatic Pop-Hole Door fitted inside to allow your chooks out in the morning and close the door at night - giving you that Sunday morning lie-in! If ordered at the same time as the house we can fit it for you, or it can be retrofitted by buying the VSD Door Kit.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
John Nicol (Penrith, GB)
Handy 10 Hen House with wheels

Well constructed hen house. Fixing handles was easy with provided screws. Had to think about fixing the nest box as no instructions but then realised eyes needed to be moved from inside nest box to outside the hut. Why not put the eyes in the bag with the screws? Well packed on pallet (not sure what to do with pallet now). Hut actually moves more easily than it looks but best to have a second person if on rough ground to lift front over bumps.

Hi John,
Thank you for taking the time to leave a review, glad to see that you are happy with the hen house.
Bit of a disconnect there between the packing team and the workshop, as the hooks are fitted during the construction rather than picked with the extras during packaging! Apologies about any confusion this caused, I'll make sure that we add a note to the instructions :)

Robyn Wintermantle (Bampton, GB)
Handy 10 Hen House

Absolutely beautifully built, superb quality hen house, I’m thrilled with it! My Pekins seem very happy as well, I can see this coop lasting a very long time, thank you!

Thank you so much for your lovely review. We are delighted to hear how much you like your new henhouse!

Lucy Boggis-Rolfe (Swindon, GB)

I am very pleased with my handy hen house

Rosemary Clarke (Bristol, GB)
Handy 10 house

Beautiful well made house which slots on and off the run easily. I only had one problem… with 7 big chickens I found it very hard to lift and move the house on flat even ground, probably because the chickens have to be inside to move the house, and they always seem to go uphill when you lift the house like a wheelbarrow as designed to do. I am fit and healthy but my back was beginning to suffer and hurt after day one and my husband also found it difficult and awkward (he’s a strong man). The positioning of the handles in my opinion is not practical to allow for an average person to move the house without causing back strain. Understandably I was a bit disappointed because I want to move the house every day which is why I bought it. However, my husband who is very practical, suggested I fitted a second set of wheels to the other end of the house so I could push/ pull without the need to lift. I rang FSF office and the lady wasn’t helpful. She said I should remove the run before moving (which I had) and then there should be no problem and she could do it easily… unprofessional and borderline rude! However she put me in touch with the extremely polite, proffesional and helpful man who rang me back and agreed with my idea for extra wheels and was very reassuring and practical with advise. I put the order in for the wheels and axle which came to £74.98 and when it arrived my husband fitted them in 5 minutes. What a difference! I now have a gorgeous house and run which moves with minimum effort without causing back strain. Very very happy customer Thankyou for your help, we got there in the end 😊 🐓🐓😊

Hi Rosemary,
Thank you for taking the time to leave an extensive, and somewhat bittersweet review. I'm glad to hear that you're pleased with your coop and that we were able to offer a solution to make it work better for you - and I'm not just saying that because you referred to me as polite and helpful!
Less happy to hear that you found your initial interaction with our office to be less than helpful. That of course is never our intention, and certainly not to be remembered as rude. I believe the Boss Anne has picked this up personally as we're always looking for ways to improve, and if possible would like to give you a call later to apologise and discuss?
Photo looks great by the way! And of course, most importantly of all, I hope the new residents are enjoying their home - even with it now constantly being on the move!

Anne Hope
Handy 10 Hen House with wheels - with Heart Window

This is the most beautiful looking hen house. It is well made and all contact has been most proffessional Excellently put together and the product is well made sturdy and I feel will ladt