Granary 15 Hen House with Tiled Roof
Front View Granary 15 Hen House
Rear view Granary 15 Hen House
Side view Granary 15 Hen House
Tiled roof of Granary 15 Hen House
Timber roof on Granary 15 Hen House
Pop-hole and steps of Granary 15 Hen House
Inside Granary 15 Hen House
Rear nest box open, Granary 15 Hen House
Nest box closed Granary 15 Hen House
Black ornate furniture on Granary 15 Hen House
Dropping sheet for floor of Granary 15 Hen House
Dimensions of Granary 15 Hen House
Granary 15 Hen House

Granary 15 Hen House

Sale price£999.00
Roof Type:

Roof Type


The Granary 15 Hen House, with a choice of timber or slate tile roof finishes, is approx. 4ft x 4ft x 7ft high. It will provide a secure, spacious home for up to 15 birds. 

Stunning, stylish and beautifully designed, the Granary Range is the ideal marriage between the aesthetic and the perfectly practical.

* For 12 - 15 Birds * Removable perches * Lift-off Nest Box * Sits on 4 Staddle Stones * Large access door * PVC Droppings Sheet included * Good ventilation * Paint scheme options * Stylish design * Black Ornate Cast Hinges * Finial finish for barge boards *

Constructed from our finest quality timber, and resting majestically on rustic Staddle Stones, the 15-bird Granary Hen House is modelled by our Blue Orpington and Lemon Pyle Brahma - just in case you were wondering of course.

The Hen House sits atop four Staddle Stones (these are quite heavy); and has three roosting perches at 45cm (18 in) high; a PVC droppings sheet; an external removable nest box and easy access through the large front door. It is also VSD Auto-Door (Internal) compatible.

To add some extra style to your Granary why not take a look at the Granary Painting Options?

For more details about the timber we use, how to keep it waterproof and take care of it over the years please visit the About our Houses page.

Choose from two roof styles:

  • The T&G Shiplap Timber Roofs are 21mm slow-grown, pressure-treated Swedish Redwood T & G Shiplap which is then fixed in place over an exterior grade plywood liner and topped with a timber ridge bar.
  • Slate-effect Tiled Roofs are made from a BBA certified resin composite, attached to a plywood base, and widely used on residential houses - so effective you wouldn’t know they were not Welsh Slate until you touch them. The apex is finished with a lead strip.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Granary 15 Henhouse

Beautiful quality really impressed.
If your little friends are special to you and you love them to bits.
You need to get them something special from
Flyte so fancy
Excellent service too.

Vanessa Parker (Tetbury, GB)
Granary 15 Hen House with tiled roof.

I deliberated for the whole summer about spending the money on such a smart hen house. Let’s face it, you don’t get hens to save money on eggs! This Hen House is a league above others, so well built with a wonderful attention to detail not only in the design but in the finish as well. The edges are rounded off and the little gaps where rain might get in and cause rot have been filled. The catches are heavy duty and the whole structure has a feeling of quality about it.
Buy this and be certain that your chickens have the best, and smartest, house in the area!!

Thank you for taking the time to leave such a lovely review! The boss is always especially happy when people notice the little details in the timber choice and the finish, that can easily be over looked

Kirk Robertson
Granary 15 Hen House - Tiled Roof

Great product and lovely people to deal with. The runs really last a very long time with no maintenance. Worth the extra for the build quality alone.

Mr Prentice
Granary 15 Hen House - Timber Roof

The questions I raised before placing an order were comprehensive answered.

When the goods were delivered they were securely packaged and consequently undamaged.

The quality of the product was excellent.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this company and its products. Please read previous comments they cover all aspects

Jane Santler
Granary 15 Hen House - Timber Roof

Great communication, quick delivery. My chickens are in their lovely new home. Its warm, and dry, they are very cosy. I was worried about the automatic open/close door, but they were all in on the first night before it closed and they are now able to get out when it gets light instead of having to wait for me. I had the Granary was very easy to assemble, with the help of my husband (its very heavy) - I would highly recommend it.