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Flyte Little Owl Nest Box
Gordon Smith (Carnforth, GB)
Flyte Little Owl Nest Box

It was every thing I hoped it would be. Plus, it came in discrete packaging as I requested (It being a Birthday present). FSF's service was both excellent, and prompt. Thanks very much!

Small Classic Duck House
Stephanie Shepherd (City of Westminster, GB)

Lovely duck house for the ducks in our school. Delivery was on time and good communication. The house is beautiful. Nice size and well packaged. Can’t wait for the ducks to get inside.

PRIVATE No public right of way
john robinson (Aylesbury, GB)

Very good

Hardwood Woodchip for Poultry Runs
Jokey Poyntz (Bexleyheath, GB)

Will buy again

1.5kg Plastic Chicken Feeder (Green & White)
Veronica Martin (Taunton, GB)
Chicken feeder

Great speedy delivery. An excellent find as I've been searching for ages to find a chicken feeder that doesn't have the hard plastic dividers on the tray section as the dividers tend to catch the hens head and beak causing damage to the hen's head. Thankyou

Johnson's Poultry Corn n Grit Pecking Block
Philippa Hewett (East Grinstead, GB)
A super treat

My girls absolutely love this. The only problem is it rarely lasts that long as it’s so popular! Highly recommend.


I found the legs difficult to put on especially when they fell off and there was still food in it, otherwise very good

Hi Yvonne,
The legs are quite a snug fit, but once they're in properly they shouldn't come off again. There will be a definitive pop once they're locked in properly, but I know they can be a little stiff!

The Flyte Aviary 6 Chicken Coop
Bumble Ward (Malmesbury, GB)
The Flyte Aviary 6 Chicken Coop

Great excitement, we've just moved our girls to their brand new des res, and they are delighted. It's a solid, substantial chicken run, well made and easy to put together. They've even adjusted the wood to account for rain and swelling. Intelligently thought out and it feels safe and sturdy. Very happy with my purchase and with the team (who very kindly moved up delivery by a week when I asked). Thank you. Agree with other reviewers; it's worth the money.

VSB repair / service

Have been using Flyte So Fancy for excellent advice for years, first time used repair service, item fixed and sent back in prompt time frame. Would have been useful to have a diagnosis of what problem was

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. Apologies about the lack of information on the repair, we usually include a letter for your records, but rather embarrassingly, this appears to have been forgotten!
There wasn't a definitive fault with the unit that we could find, as after a service and parts swap, it responded well to testing. In most instances this is indication of a faulty connection in the battery pack, causing power loss and intermittent faults

Play Sand for Dust Baths, 15 Litre bag
Vivien South (Bury St Edmunds, GB)
Great Products

Great website and ease of ordering. Really found the online advice and videos helpful. Purchased the hardwood chips, sanatiser, dried herbs/flowers to add to bedding, sand for the chooks dust bath and other items, pleased with all. Swift delivery, very satisfied customer. This will be my go to site. Thank you Flyte so Fancy!

Burgess Marine Creepy Crackseal, 100ml
Marion Hindley (Accrington, GB)
Leaking roof problem

Sadly as I live in Lancashire the hen house never dries out completely as it never stops raining for a long enough time for me to be able to paint the stuff on !
So I have tacked some plastic onto the roof which isn’t the nicest look but at least the hens are dry poor things Marion Hindley

Claire Weeks Chicken Placemats, set of 4
Lynda Thompson (Newton Stewart, GB)
Love them

Absolutely perfect for my lovely kitchen table x

Extra Long Waterproof Chicken Run Cover, 3m x 4m
Sue Maycock (Bury St Edmunds, GB)
No more leaks

Needed 2 of these for our long run and needed the over lap to stop water pooling in the centre and dripping into the run. Also will hopefully stop the roof supports from rotting away in time. Now the wood chips are starting to dry out which is much better and will prevent them from breaking down so quickly.

Light sensor for door opener

Item arrived promptly thanks , unfortunately door opener still not working so must be something else, do you have any other parts I can try to?

Happy to help if we can. We will call you on Monday and troubleshoot the issue, if that is ok.

Agrivite Poultry Mite Rescue Remedy
Lyn john Davies (Hengoed, GB)
Poultry mite rescue

Just a very good product helps the chickens over come these little hurdles in life 👍

Economy Grey Egg Boxes
Nick Hunt (Pickering, GB)
Value for money

Use these boxes a lot and in our little store find many return customers bringing them back to refill and reuse over and over.

Super Chicken Feeders
Tania Haywood (Epsom, GB)
Simply the best!

Sturdy, hard wearing, durable. Great product at a very good price topped with the usual excellent service from the Flytes team.

The Flyte Aviary Grand Chicken Coop
Lee Blackmore (Attleborough, GB)
Game Changer

Going from what we had to what we have now is miles apart. we went for the grand and our 4 hens have so much room.
It was easy to put together with two people and took 2-3 hrs in total.
Instructions were ok and if you have had the "flat-pack" experience you should be ok.
well packaged and no damage in transit at all.
All the parts were there including a mastic gun so a Brucie bonus!!
The mastic that comes with it to seal the joint was ideal for this job, just make sure you have enough left over (if you get the roof) to complete the job
No leaks to date despite the "Noah" like weather we've had!!
The detachable hen house is a genius design and so easy to remove and clean.
My only grip would be as we got the grand, the two end panels had extra pilot holes in them as they were initially two single-ends to make the two ends required but I guess it's easier that way.
I would give this a solid 10/10 and if you can stretch to the grand you will have no regrets.

Rapid Clean Tripod Poultry Drinkers
Chicken Drinker

Much better than the last one I bought from you that you had to fill up from the bottom and then turn it upside down, which was heavy and spilt water as you turned it.

Hardwood Woodchip for Poultry Runs - 10 Bags
Richard Counihan (Amsterdam, NL)
Hardwood Woodchip

A good and long-lasting product providing effective cover for poultry runs.

Large Waterproof Chicken Run Cover, 3m x 3m
Anthony Palframan (Norwich, GB)
A great service

I knew what I wanted but unsure of the size. They checked their records and were able to advise. A couple of minutes later it was ordered and delivered within 48 hours. Brilliant

Flyte Coop & Run Sanitising Powder
Richard Counihan (Amsterdam, NL)
Sanitising Powder

Easy to use

Hardwood Woodchip for Poultry Runs
Marilyn Mills (Leeds, GB)
Hardwood wood chip

The perfect flooring for poultry runs

Stalosan F Disinfectant Powder
Amanda Adebisi (Redruth, GB)
Brilliant product, terrible delivery

Nothing to fault about the company or the product. But the delivery company DPD wasted hours of my time and made me very stressed as it took 5 different attempts (5 delivery slots , one each day) to finally get my package. Lots of silly excuses each day and me waiting around often in my driveway but no show. Eventually I got it delivered to another address on the 5th occasion. I really needed my product quickly as i had a sick chicken but this delayed it by nearly a week.

Never yet let me down

I have the reassurance that if delayed for any reason getting back before dusk, providing the chickens are content to roost, no harm can befall them. The light sensor works reliably with the VSD unit