Feedomatic Vermin-Resistant Treadle Feeders, 5kg & 12kg
Feedomatic Vermin-Resistant Treadle Feeders
Feedomatic Vermin-Resistant Treadle Feeders
Feedomatic Vermin-Resistant Treadle Feeders
Feedomatic Vermin-Resistant Treadle Feeders - 5kg
Feedomatic Vermin-Resistant Treadle Feeders - 8kg
Feedomatic Vermin-Resistant Treadle Feeders
Feedomatic Vermin-Resistant Treadle Feeders - 12kg

Feedomatic Vermin-Resistant Treadle Feeders

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Feeder Size:

Feeder Size


Feedomatic Vermin-Resistant Treadle Feeders - available as 5kg, 8kg or 12kg capacity feeders.

Vermin-Resistant Galvanised Metal Treadle Feeder for Poultry. These Feeders will hold approx. 5kg, 8kg or 12kg of pelleted feed. Suitable for small flocks of chickens as width will only allow one or two birds to feed at a time.

A simple idea, the chickens stand on the green plastic mesh grid and the flap opens to reveal the food.

This all-weather galvanised and plastic feeder cannot be operated by vermin (they aren't heavy enough to trigger the opening of the feed trough), and it also cannot be operated by smaller wild birds so huge feed savings can be made.

Tough green plastic hopper lid, plastic treadle and plastic trough. Requires some self-assembly to put the treadle in place but no tools needed.

Note, as with all gravity feeders this does not work with mash feed.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 143 reviews
Patricia Blewitt (Uckfield, GB)
Treadle Feeder

The feeder was almost ready for use, just small fitting of feeder and the lid. It was very easy assemble.
It is a very sturdy feeder, very well made.
I bought it specially to prevent the rats eating the food. It has done that purpose. The chickens took a little while to master the treadle but seem to be eating now.
A good product that I recommend!

Christine (Spalding, GB)
Rats Chewed Plastic

We’ve had this feeder for a number of years and was originally bought because of sparrows and starlings eating lots of the layers pellets. Unfortunately we’ve now had rats visiting and they’ve chewed through the plastic, which is a real shame. So although this has been good initially and easy for the birds to use (even my most skittish two use it!) I wouldn’t recommend it if you have rat issues.
Flyte So Fancy, as always, provide great service, fast delivery etc so this review is no reflection on them. :)

Lindy Coombs (Bristol, GB)
Excellent service and product

Rapid delivery and excellent product. I weighed the foot treadle down for a couple of days until my girls got used to it. Now they are using it properly and I have wasted no more layers pellets. Previously I was wasting at least 50% as the chickens would always manage to knock the containers over. No chance of that anymore. 100% recommend the company and this product.

Edd Wilkes (Birmingham, GB)
Quality feeder

It’s only been in with the hens a day and they have figured out how to get food from it which I was worried about. Seems well made and a decent quality plus delivery was quick and on time.

Rebecca Dixon (Acton, GB)
Great service

We ordered some supplies for our new chicken run. We’re all set up now and everything is great. Delivery was super speedy and everything was exactly what I wanted.

The feeder is great. Easy to put together, and easy to figure out. Just need to teach the chickens now!