Ask Phill 32 - How to Get Rid of Red Mite in Your Coop

Ask Phill 32 - How to Get Rid of Red Mite in Your Coop

Watch our Ask Phill video guide on how to make sure you get rid of a red mite infestation in your Chicken Coop.

How to Treat Your Coop for Red Mite

It may have taken us 30 episodes to talk specifically about what is probably the most common chicken-related problem, the dreaded Red Mite, but we got there eventually!

Phill is back with the latest instalment in our Ask Phill Video series, this time taking you through all the best tools you can use to both eradicate and prevent red mites from attacking your flock.

He describes what they are, where they live in your Coop and the products you could use to get rid of them either naturally or how to blitz them completely.

100% Natural Products - Diatomaceous Earth

Blitz them completely - Smoke Bomb plus Ardap Insecticide

Tonic to help your hens recover - Poultry Mite Rescue Remedy

And new on the market, to protect your hens against Red Mite - Oblitermite Tonic

See our selection of Red Mite Powders, Sprays and Smoke Bombs - Red Mite & Lice Products.

For even more detailed information on Red Mites, visit our Blog: Red Mite in Chicken Houses.