3 x 400g Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Powder Puffer Packs

3 x 400g Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Powder Puffer Packs (15% off)

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Each bottle contains 400g of Diatomaceous Earth (DE) in an easy-to-use puffer pack.

By sprinkling the DE powder in the nestboxes, bedding and on the perches where the chickens roost it will ensure that the henhouse remains dry, clean and sweet-smelling as well as preventing damp areas where mites and lice can thrive.

DE works mechanically rather than chemically so no immunity can be built up. Regular users of Diatomaceous Earth for their henhouses will, we are sure, know of its efficacy.

DE is a 100% natural product, prepared from the fossilised remains of ancient shell creatures so is totally inert. You can use Diatomaceous Earth throughout the henhouse or animal housing as it removes moisture and maintains a dry environment.

This DE is classed as food-grade, is not heat-treated, and contains no chemicals or pesticides (beware of other DE that is calcinated - heat-treated - and only meant for use in filtration systems).

We advise wearing gloves and a dustmask when using DE as it is a fine dust and can cause irritation.

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Sasha (Dunbar, GB)
Diatomaceous Earth

Great stuff in easy to use container .

Vivien South (Fakenham, GB)
Great Product

The powder puffer makes life so much easier, direct treatment to the areas that are hard to get to. This is a must!

Neil Forknall (Hinckley, GB)
Earth powder

Excellent product would recommend

Chicken mummy (Stockport, GB)

Love these containers for ease of use and as always excellent service

Jenny Carpenter (Bromley, GB)

Great for getting into those crevices of my Eglu cube on cleaning day. Easy to use. Less messy than tub. However I do like to have both at hand depending on the application.