Ask Phill 29 - Top Tonics for Chickens

Ask Phill 29 - Top Tonics for Chickens

Phill describes which tonics are best and what does what, and why, in the wide variety of Poultry Tonics available.

Phill's Top 5 Tonics for your Chickens

Discover the top tonics for keeping your chickens healthy and thriving with our latest video!

In this informative episode, our poultry expert, Phill, shares his recommended tonics, including those for calcium deficiencies, winter blues, digestive problems, worm prevention, better egg shells, recovering from the moult, and general all-round well-being.

Learn how each tonic works and how to incorporate them into your chicken's care routine.

Whether you're a seasoned poultry keeper or just starting out, you won't want to miss this valuable information. Watch now and give your feathered friends the care they deserve!

Featured Products:

Oreganico Oregano Oil Tonic

Cal-Boost Calcium Supplement

Nettex Power Drops for Poultry

Life-Guard Poultry Tonic

Agrivite Red Mite Rescue Remedy

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