Ask Phill 31 - Using a Broody Coop for Hen & Chicks

Ask Phill 31 - Using a Broody Coop for Hen & Chicks

Moving a mother hen and newly hatched chicks into a purpose-made Broody Coop needs care. Phill gives you some hints and tips in AskPhill Video No 31.

Moving a Hen and Chicks into a Broody Coop

Our perfect Pekin Hen mum managed to hatch some Cornish Game chicks when she was in the henhouse.

Phill just shows you how he carefully moved her and her chicks to a purpose-made and safer environment for the chicks to grow up and for mum to be able to teach them to feed and drink, and scratch around for bugs.

He tells their story from the moment he purchased the eggs, to the nervousness of using a first-time broody hen to hatch them, and what seemed like a failure, to the surprise of finding 3 new chicks. Watch as the little golden fluff-balls explore their new world in the Broody Coop.

For Phill's longer video, full of hints & tips about using a Broody Hen to hatch chicks, watch Ask Phill 20 - How to Raise Chicks with a Broody Hen.

You can read a step-by-step guide for hatching chicks and growing to adult hens (or cockerels), with a visit to our Info Centre page on Incubation & Chick Rearing.

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