Cal-Boost Poultry Calcium Liquid

Cal-Boost Poultry Calcium Liquid, 100ml

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Cal-Boost is a Poultry Calcium Liquid Concentrate from Flyte so Fancy.

Cal-Boost will help to solve problems with:
** Thin Egg Shells ** Shell Fractures and hairline cracks ** Uneven and rough textured shells ** Shell-less Eggs ** Fragile bones ** Metabolising calcium **

Cal-Boost contains liquid calcium for strong bones and strengthened egg shells, as well as giving other heart benefits. It also contains vitamin D3 which is essential to help metabolise calcium in the body.

Dosage is just 12 drops per litre of water. 100ml is sufficient for 165 litres of drinking water. Formulated for both breeding and laying birds.

A concentrated calcium and mineral supplement which, when added to drinking water, will help to improve eggshell quality, thickness and strength as well as aid heart function and build strong bones.

Like most other animals it is vital for the growth of strong healthy bones. However, in egg laying fowl its needs are twofold. Calcium is the key ingredient for good eggshells so, giving a calcium boost to poultry at times of stress, illness or during winter when daylight hours are short, is beneficial.

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Delivery good but haven't seen a big difference in shell quality

Victoria Bromwich-Cort (Caerphilly, GB)
Good stuff.

My girls seem to have picked up. So all good.

Marilyn (Liverpool, GB)
Soft Shells

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to have worked. The hen that was laying soft shelled eggs is still laying them. Maybe it needs longer to take effect?

Hi Marilyn,
Yes it can take up to a couple of weeks as hens will almost always prioritise egg laying. This means that they would have been taking as much additional calcium from elsewhere in their bodies to maintain shell production, creating a bigger problem before the eggs showed signs of an issue. When the additional calcium is added back into their diet, provided they have enough sunshine to go with the included vitamin D, they will process the calcium back into their body first to replenish what was lost, before patching the eggs! So keep at it, and you should see a solid change in the next week or two :)

Katrina Valero (Horsham, GB)
Cal- Boost seems to be working

Since using Cal-Boost my hens eggs are improving. They are ex-batts and growing back feathers and laying so they needed extra calcium.Marge is now producing hard shell eggs after some runny ones so very happy!

Pauline Lawrence (Norwich, GB)

Cal-Boost Poultry Calcium Liquid, 100ml