Unlocking Rooftop Potential with Grow-Top Garden Stores

Unlocking Rooftop Potential with Grow-Top Garden Stores

With the Grow-Top, you'll have fresh herbs and salads right outside your door, all while maximising your garden storage and adding a touch of greenery to your outdoor space.

Do you like easy Gardening? Then take a look at our Grow-Top Stores!

If you are thinking of a fun and creative way to maximise your garden storage while adding some greenery to your outdoor space, look no further than the Grow-Top Living Roof Garden Stores!

Watch Phill (don't-look-at-the-socks) Weymouth guide you through, and make suggestions for, using the Flyte so Fancy Grow-Top Garden Stores.

Handmade in our own workshop here in Dorset, the Grow-Tops have a Garden Store version and a Log Store version.

Phill describes how this innovative planter allows you to create a living roof on top of a wooden garden store, which can be planted with salads, herbs, or even beautiful hanging summer bedding plants - Trailing Begonias, Petunias or Fuchsias – or perhaps (in these days of tomato shortages) mix it up a bit with a hanging cherry tomato plant.

Our Grow-Tops come in two different widths - the Small Store is approximately 4ft wide x 2½ft deep, while the Large Store is 5½ft x 2½ft and sectioned into 8 bays. At around 4ft high, it's easy to tend and crop your plants.

The bed is lined with a waterproof membrane and recycled cotton capillary matting to evenly distribute water throughout the bed, making plant watering easy and economical.

Inside the double-doored cupboard, you'll find one full-width shelf, and it is pad-lockable for added security. Plenty of room for gardening tools, children’s toys, or garden paraphernalia.

It's a great idea to brighten up any dull part of your garden, the space by your back door, or a patio corner. Designed for smaller town gardens, the Grow-Top helps you make the most of your space without getting lost in larger country gardens.

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