Tour the Flyte Poultry Protection Pen

Tour the Flyte Poultry Protection Pen

Watch our short video tour of the Poultry Protection Pen (with a Handy 4 Hen House and a trio of Pekin Bantams).

Poultry Protection Pen Video Tour

Journey around the Poultry Protection Pen, made by Flyte so Fancy and built to ensure the security and safety of your birds. Strong timber frames are finished with an 18g green galvanised half inch by one inch weldmesh for strength as well as looks.

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Six sizes are available for this large walk-in chicken run and a further four sizes for the Junior version - all with an option to add a solid translucent polycarbonate roof.

Adding the roof will create a bio-secure unit and help minimise your poultry's contact with the wild bird population (perfect for Bird Flu lockdowns), protect from predators and shelter from the rain.

The Pens are delivered in panels for self-assembly but don't worry, we have made it super simple to do. All you need is a cordless screwdriver and an extra pair of hands, then watch our Protection Pen Assembly Video for how to construct your Pen in 10 minutes!!