How to Assemble a Maggie's Hen House (in 3 minutes!)

How to Assemble a Maggie's Hen House (in 3 minutes!)

Maggie's 6 Hen House assembly - in just over 3 minutes! Our video guide of the easiest way to assemble your chicken house.

How to Assemble a Maggie's Hen House in 3 mins - may take a little longer on your own lawn!

Watch Phill put together our most popular hen house - in double-quick time! Watch the video before you buy, it will give you a good idea of what you may need to do.

This How-To video will guide you through the assembly process in just over 3 minutes, in super-speedy mode. NOTE - assembly in the real world may take a little longer, but our easy-to-follow instructions make it a breeze!

Although the Long Legged Maggie's Hen House can be delivered ready assembled, if that is not an option for you then this is a great video to work alongside our assembly instruction sheet. You can view the video to see how it would fit into your own garden.

Our Maggie's Hen Houses are our most popular chicken coops for good reason. They are made of excellent quality, sustainable and certified, pressure treated timber and designed with the needs of your feathered friends in mind.

The high roosting area and external nest boxes provide a safe and comfortable environment for your hens, while the under-house shelter offers protection from the elements.

Our hen houses are easy to clean, making them a low-maintenance option for busy chicken owners. You can even opt for a run to give your birds some secure outdoor space.

Flyte so Fancy's Maggie's Hen Houses! Made in Britain and built to last. They are available in 6-bird, 12-bird and 24-bird sizes.

So why wait? Order your Maggie's Hen House today and get ready to enjoy keeping your own chickens!

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