Flyte so Fancy Owl Boxes - with Owls!

Flyte so Fancy Owl Boxes - with Owls!

Flyte so Fancy welcomed some rescue owls for the day to test their Owl Nest Boxes, and chat about each owl and what they need for nesting and roosting.

Meet Beebo and Eddie when they came to test the Flyte Owl Nesting Boxes

Welcome all Owl lovers, to our little blog page about the Flyte so Fancy Owl Nesting Boxes!

Here, we'll be sharing some titbits of information about Barn Owls, Tawny Owls, and Little Owls, and discussing the importance of providing suitable nesting boxes for these magnificent birds.

Back in January 2020, we had the pleasure of hosting Cherry Barlow, a local owl expert and conservationist, at Flyte so Fancy. Cherry brought along Eddie and Beebo, two owl ambassadors, to help us test the quality of our Barn Owl and Tawny Owl Nest Boxes.

During the visit, Cherry and Phill discussed the specific needs of each owl species and explained why our nest boxes are an excellent choice for providing a safe and comfortable roosting and nesting environment. We were thrilled that Cherry gave us the opportunity to receive such valuable feedback from the experts with real-life experience.

Eddie the Barn Owl

Barn Owls are amongst the most iconic owl species in the UK. With their heart-shaped faces, white underparts, and golden-brown upperparts, these birds are a joy to behold. However, as their world changes it is a challenging time for them. Today they face habitat loss, road accidents, and predation. Providing suitable nesting boxes can help to mitigate some of these threats and support the conservation of this beautiful species.

Beebo the Tawny Owl Tawny Owls are another common owl species in the UK, and they are known for their distinctive "to-wit, to-woo" call. These birds have adapted to living amongst our urban areas and can be found in suburban parks, gardens, and woodlands. Providing purpose made nesting boxes can help them to thrive in areas where natural nesting sites may be scarce.

Little Owl Sitting on a post Little Owls are the smallest owl species in the UK, they have distinctive eyebrows and a cute round face. They are primarily found in the countryside and farmland, where their diet is insects and small rodents. Setting some nesting boxes near their haunts can help to support these birds, particularly in areas where there is a shortage of their natural tree-hole nesting sites.

At Flyte so Fancy, we want to support owl conservation and provide high-quality nesting boxes for these amazing birds. We hope that our video of Cherry, Eddie, and Beebo testing our Barn Owl and Tawny Owl Nest Boxes will inspire others to get involved in owl conservation and help to protect these birds for generations to come.