VSD Auto Door Kit for Maggies 6 Henhouses
VSD Door Opener fitting inside Maggies 6 Henhouse
VSD Auto Door Kit inside Maggies Dozen Henhouse
VSD Kit detail for Maggies 24 Henhouse

VSD Kit For Flyte so Fancy Maggie's Hen Houses

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A complete VSD Kit for the Automatic Door Opener to suit the Flyte so Fancy Maggie's Hen houses.

Choose from Maggie's Six, Maggie's Dozen or Maggie's 24 from the drop-down box as each fitting is different.

If ordered at the same time as your hen house then we will fit it for you free of charge, if ordered separately we will deliver the kit for self-installation with instructions (and telephone back up if required).

The VSD units and door are fitted inside Maggie's hen houses. The door will rise inside and the VSD unit will be mounted above the door. For details of the door opener visit the VSD Door Opener.

Both the Six and Dozen houses will include the lightweight aluminium door whilst the Maggie's 24 will have a specially made wooden door.

For self-installation of the Maggie's Dozen kit, there will be a little carpentry required as the central perch needs trimming and timber mounts need adding for the adjusted perch.

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Customer Reviews

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Ian Mabberley (London, GB)

A new auto opener / closer with the new Maggies Six. Have had an earlier version for many years and it has worked pretty well despite being mounted outside the hutch and subjected to Welsh mountain weather. This one is inside which should give it a lot more protection, but does mean that it is less easy to get at to change batteries etc.

Graeme Udall (Cambridge, GB)
looks good

Chucks not arrived yet but it works well under test

Robert Mason
VSB Kit For Flyte so Fancy Maggies Dozen Hen House

Good product easy to fit, quick delivery. 2 sets of instructions, one said it didn’t matter which wires went to which pin, and these were the ones followed, connected as photograph. Turns out it does matter on reading second set of instructions, which I did after door failing to work.
Also light sensor cover missing, but doesn’t seem to matter. Works fine, not sure about battery life, and if you get any warning of imminent failure yet.

Paul Tansley
VSB Kit For Flyte so Fancy Maggies Six Hen House

Great service as always from Flyte So Fancy. Always the first place I look for chicken stuff.

Linda Peet
VSB Kit For Flyte so Fancy Maggies Dozen Hen House

We were in the process selling and buying our new home when we purchased our Long Legged Maggie's hen house. Anne and the team at Flyte So Fancy couldn't have been more helpful when the house move was delayed for a number of months. Happily we have now moved into our new home and our girls have moved into their grand new home. Many thanks to all at Flyte So Fancy. Excellent piece of kit for the times when you can't get home in time for closing the girls up for the night.