Lightweight Aluminium Pop-hole Doors for Auto Chicken Coop Openers
Aluminium Pop-hole Door for Auto Chicken Coop Openers
Runners and Door of Aluminium Po-hole Door
Lightweight Pop-hole Doors for Auto Door Openers, 3 sizes
Detail of H section Aluminium Runner
Aluminium Pop-hole Door installed on Chicken Coop

Lightweight Pop-hole Door for Auto Door Openers

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Lightweight Pop-hole Door for Automatic Chicken Coop Door Openers.

This metal door, being aluminium, will not rust over time and also, unlike many wooden pop-hole doors will not warp, swell or twist in the runners.

Lightweight Aluminium Door with two metal runners for use with the VSD internal or external Door Openers as well as the Chicken Guard Door openers.

Can be fitted inside or outside your chicken house depending on space available.

Consists of two aluminium, H profile runners and one flat aluminium door (as this is aluminium you can cut the door and runners down to a custom size if required).

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Customer Reviews

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Devon bird (Shrewsbury, GB)
Hen house door

Thanks, it was good, but I did not buy it for chickens. I have installed it in my barn doors horizontally for the swallows to have easy access all season.

Ian Ventham (Dorchester, GB)
Retro-fitting the pop-hole door kit

The lightweight pop-hole door is excellent. it was very easily retro-fitted and worked without problems straight away. What we can't understand is why this is not fitted as standard on your 24 birds houses. it is more accessible, more easily programmed and less susceptible to problems than the the internal wooden door and internal mechanism.

Ian Chadwick (Birmingham, GB)

Quick and easy to install. Working well

Stevan Probert
Lightweight Pop-hole Door for Auto Door Openers

Would definitely recommend Flyte so fancy. Have bought from them several times now , both large and small items , and iwill happily buy from them again Very useful item . Should have bought one sooner. Will help keep the hens warm and safe at night

Anne Charles
Lightweight Pop-hole Door for Auto Door Openers

Lovley hen houses. Great service. Would recommend Definitely recommend saves me getting up in morning