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VSD Auto Pop-hole Door Opener


The VSD Dawn-Dusk Henhouse Door Opener from AXT in Germany.

This Vertical Sliding Door Opener for Chicken Coop Pop-hole Doors has been brought bang up to date with new features and an improved slimline layout inside.

Can be mounted inside (with an additional light sensor) or outside the henhouse. Batteries included.



VSD Auto Dawn - Dusk Pop-hole Door Opener for Chicken Coops. Can be mounted outside or inside the henhouse. For internal use add the External Light Sensor Cable.

The VSD is a battery-powered Electronic Chicken Coop Door Opener and the 2019 redesign now includes more options e.g. replaceable on-board light sensor; the manual override function; slimline casing; additional pins to add mains power, timers and external sensors/indicators.

Batteries are included. VSD units have a 3-year manufacturers warranty; external sensors have a 1-year warranty.

The VSD can be mounted on the outside of your chicken house above the sliding pop-hole door (or can be offset with pulleys where space is an issue). We suggest the sliding door is the aluminium option (below) to ensure it remains free-moving throughout the year but, you can add the VSD to a wooden vertical door as long as it moves up and down freely. The maximum weight of the door must not exceed 3kg. The cord is very strong with a 40lb breaking strain.

Once set and batteries inserted the VSD will open the door at dawn and close it at dusk by means of a strong cord attached to the pop-hole door. An LED indicator in the lower right will show green for closed and OK, and it will show red if there is an error or battery change needed. A Battery Powered Timer can also be added to give control of opening and/or closing using timed settings.

To manually override the door closing/opening, a red magnet is supplied to touch at the base of the VSD casing and activate the motor to raise or lower the door.

For internal mounting, you would place the VSD inside the coop above the pop-hole and add the remote (external) light sensor which connects to two pins on the circuit board. This sensor remotely takes the light levels outside the henhouse to activate the unit inside.

Dimensions: 125mm x 125mm x 50mm. Batteries are included with the VSD as well as comprehensive instructions for installation making this very simple to do. No electronic or specialist knowledge is needed at all. We offer telephone backup for troubleshooting if required though.

FSF Note: the red magnet is quite small so we advise tying a coloured cord/ribbon to it in case you drop it on the ground (makes it easier to find and can also be hung near the VSD perhaps), otherwise it may get lost.


Standard delivery via courier is next working day to most mainland UK destinations for orders placed before 2pm (excl. weekends and bank holidays).

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