Tour the Flyte Aviary Chicken Coop

Tour the Flyte Aviary Chicken Coop

Watch our video tour of the Flyte Aviary 8 Chicken Coop & Run. Phill shows off its unique design features that make it easy to clean and easy to access.

The Flyte Aviary Chicken Coop Video Tour

An all-in-one Walk-in Chicken Coop and Run for up to 8 birds. The Aviary has a raised hen house with easy-to-clean removable floor and large opening doors for access. This gives shelter and shade under the house and plenty of space for them to stretch their wings.

Let Phill describe how he designed the Flyte Aviary Coops ('way back' in 2013) as he shows off its unique design features like the full-width day perches, fully opening access doors meaning all access is from one side. This means you can place it against a wall or fence in the corner of your garden.

All sizes have options to add a solid polycarbonate run roof (making a nice bio-secure unit when flockdown is upon us).

Follow the links below to see more of the Flyte Aviary range and if you have any questions just call us 01300 345229 or email

The Aviary 4 Coop - for up to 4 laying hens, with internal nest boxes

The Aviary 6 Coop - for up to 6 laying hens with externally accessed nest boxes

The Aviary 8 Coop (yes for 8 birds) - giving more space and a larger run area

The Aviary Grand - also for up to 8 chickens, but this has a double width run area, double width day perches, and a footprint of approx. 6ft x 13ft.

Whether you have a small garden with limited space, or have space for something more grand, the Flyte Aviary Chicken Coop range offers a design that is perfect for placing in a corner or up against a hedge, fence or wall. They provide ample space for your feathered friends to thrive!