External Light Sensor Cable for VSB & VSD Door Opener Units.
External Light Sensor Cable for VSB/VSD Units (Blue)

External Light Sensor Cable for VSB/VSD Units (Blue)

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External Light Sensor Cable for VSB (old) Chicken House Door Opener and VSD (new) Door Opener Units. The Light Sensor cable has a blue stripe around the end to distinguish it from the Status Cables and Remote Cables.

If you want to convert a VSD Door Opener for internal use, this is the cable you need, or, if you just need to replace an existing cable on either a VSB or VSD.

The cable is 1m in length and houses a photocell in one end, also included is a black cap for covering the photocell on the circuit board inside the unit. You simply attach the cable to two of the pins inside the operating box, cover the internal (on-board) light sensor, place the external light sensor on the outside of your house and it will then close the door at dusk.

Light Sensors carry a one-year warranty. (FSF note: for purchases of sensor cable made after 2nd June 2017 the new cable will have a blue stripe around the end sensor. In this case, then the wires MUST be connected thus - white wire to Pin 6 and brown wire to Pin 5).

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Customer Reviews

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Works like a dream, it helps keep the coop door open longer as the coop is behind shed. Door opener and extension light sensor are perfect togethet

Alasdair (Forres, GB)
Great support

Really helpful advice from Flyte So Fancy when my 10 year old door opener suddenly stopped working. Turns out the light sensor had failed and it thought it was constant daylight. Cutting off the old sensor and plugging in an 'external' sensor (which remains in the box) was the work of seconds and now I have a fully functioning door opener again at a fraction of the cost of a replacement. Very quick, very helpful... couldn't ask for more.

David McIntyre
Great new sensor but cable a little short?

The new sensor works great but the cable is a bit shorter than my old so has been more difficult to position in the light.

Steven Bagby (Chelmsford, GB)
Light sensor for door opener

Item arrived promptly thanks , unfortunately door opener still not working so must be something else, do you have any other parts I can try to?

Happy to help if we can. We will call you on Monday and troubleshoot the issue, if that is ok.

Vivienne Swatridge (Chard, GB)
Never yet let me down

I have the reassurance that if delayed for any reason getting back before dusk, providing the chickens are content to roost, no harm can befall them. The light sensor works reliably with the VSD unit