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No-Dig Skirt for Protection Pens


No-Dig Skirt for Flyte so Fancy Poultry Protection Pens - Anti-Fox Metal Weldmesh Skirts for Protection Pens.

The Medium (up to 9ftx15ft) No-Dig Skirt is suitable for our Protection Pen sizes of 9ft x 9ft, 9ft x 12ft, 9ft x 15ft. This size will suit Pens with a total perimeter measurement between 31ft to 48ft (9.3m to 14.6m).

The Large (up to 9ftx24ft) No-Dig Skirt is suitable for Flyte so Fancy Protection Pen sizes 9ft x 18ft, 9ft x 21ft and 9ft x 24ft. This size will suit runs with a total perimeter measurement between 49ft to 66ft (14.7m to 20m).



Although it would be unusual that a fox would dig under the run without giving up or being disturbed unless there are easy gaps where the run meets the ground; there are the occasions when you may be away for the weekend, or on holiday and friends are in charge.

This No-Dig Skirt is an inexpensive way to give you the reassurance that the hens will be safe. The fox will instinctively want to dig right next to the base of the run and would be unlikely to attempt to dig from ten inches away.

A simple solution to prevent Foxes and Badgers from digging under your Poultry Run. 250mm (10 in) wide strips of 50mm x 50mm strong weldmesh ready to lay on the ground under the edges of your run and held in place with 25cm galvanised pegs (20 supplied for Medium; 30 supplied for Large). More Galvanised Pegs are available separately.

Simply place the 10 inch wide strips of weldmesh on the ground where your run will sit and peg in place. The mesh should be positioned so that the edge of the mesh is held just under the base of the run and then pegged down to hold it in place.

See also our Sleeper & Woodchip Packs for Protection Pens as these can equally act as Anti-Fox protection.


The No Dig Skirt will either arrive with your main order or, if ordered on its own, please allow up to 7 days for delivery.
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