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Runs for the Long Legged Maggie's Six Hen House


6ft or 9ft long Runs for the Longer Legged Maggie's Six Hen House.

Add this Run to your hen house to provide a secure fox-proof space for your feathered girls, and peace of mind for you.

With each run, we include panels to enclose the under-house area too. Made of strong, green-coated, galvanised weldmesh onto a pressure treated timber frame.

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The 6ft Run measures approx. 6ft from the front of the house and includes extra panels to screw to the legs and enclose the underneath of the house i.e. giving a footprint run space of approx 9ft x 3ft.

Equally, the 9ft Run extends from the front of the house and also includes extra panels to attach to the legs and enclose the under-house space i.e. giving a total run space of approx 12ft x 3ft.

There is an access door underneath the back of the hen house; an access door at the end of the run and also one beside the house itself on the left-hand side looking at the front of the house.

Made from pressure treated timber framing with 18g galvanised half-inch by one-inch weldmesh. This small mesh size will maintain the rigidity of the run as well as prevent intrusion from small birds and animals.

See also our Poultry Protection Pens as further options for keeping your hens safe.


When purchased separately this run will be delivered by courier in panels for simple self-assembly. Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.

If ordered with the hen house then it will all arrive in panels on the pallet with your whole order.

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