The Flyte so Fancy Blog and Newsletters (i.e James and Dan) have been responsible for every now and then portraying the Boss Phill as somewhat of a mad bumbling inventor, tinkering away in his workshop, while everyone else does the actual work around him.

Well, it is perhaps time for a little bit of credit where credit is due. I am ready to admit that the Boss Phill does certainly come up with some revolutionary hen houses for us to make here at Flyte so Fancy. In particular this range of highly movable chicken coops with wheels; the Dorset Stroller, the Dorset Ranger and the Gypsy Hen House.

Hen houses with wheels are ideal for those with a larger garden or people who are just looking for a mobile chicken coop to fulfil their particular need.

So, the Flyte so Fancy Blog turns its gaze to three highly mobile and incredibly practical chicken coops.

Stroller Chicken Coop for 8 hens

The Dorset Stroller is a wheeled chicken coop with room for up to eight hens.

When it comes time to move to pastures new, it is merely a case of lifting the hen house by its handles and pushing it like a wheelbarrow to its new home. It couldn't be more simple.

An external nestbox means there is plenty of room inside for full-length perches and therefore plenty of room for all your girls.

My favourite feature of the Dorset Stroller is the fully removable lift-out roof panel that makes getting into the coop for cleaning or access incredibly simple. The Dorset Stroller is;

  • Highly Movable
  • Comes with an external nestbox and full-length perches
  • Easy access through the roof and removable dirt tray for cleaning
  • Optional fox proof run
  • Automatic Pop Hole Door compatible

Moving the Ranger Chicken Coop

The Dorset Ranger
is an incredibly unique chicken coop, due to the fact that it is a movable hen house on wheels, with a built-in run.

It's a case of chocks away, a simple lift and thanks to a clever counterbalance system, one-handed the coop and run can be wheeled to its new placing.

With an external nestbox, full-width perches and a removable dirt tray, the Dorset Ranger comes with all the expected features of a modern hen house.

Available in two sizes for six or ten hens, the length of the built-in run is optional, from 6ft to as long as 12ft.

The truly individual aspect of the Ranger hen house is its fully sliding roof that allows complete unhindered access into the coop. A great feature when it comes to cleaning.

The Dorset Ranger is:

  • Very Robust, designed for regular moving
  • Easily mobile with a simple lift
  • Removable nestbox, dirt tray and full-width perches
  • Built-in run for total security
  • Automatic Pop Hole Door compatible
  • Easy access through the unique sliding roof

Gypsy Caravan Hen House with wheels

The last of our movable hen houses is perhaps a little on the grand scale, however, it does come with fully functional heavy gauge solid steel wheels, 
The Gypsy Hen House.

The Gypsy Hen House is the pinnacle of our ethos here at Flyte so Fancy and is desired by many poultry keepers up and down the country.

Handcrafted using only the finest timber and fittings, with the choice of painting and decorating, the Gypsy Hen House also comes with wheels and axles, made by a local blacksmith.

To steer and move your luxury hen house from place to place, it's merely a case of hooking the steel hand bar onto the front axle and heading off to its new idyllic spot.

  • Luxury Chicken Coop for 15 hens
  • Built on Steerable Steel Wheels
  • Large Walk-in Front Door
  • Three paint finish options available
  • External Nest Box
  • Ajustable Ventilation Windows
  • Automatic Door Opener Compatible
If you are looking for a movable chicken coop for a paddock or just want to move it around your garden to save the grass, the range of movable chicken coops from Flyte so Fancy are brilliantly practical. There is also the option of adding an axle to an existing hen house, should it be compatible, to make some of our other chicken coops a little more manageable and movable.

Packed with all the expected features to make modern-day poultry-keeping simple and designed with the same stylish grace that the Boss Phill puts into all his chicken houses.

Having acknowledged that the Boss Phill really does design the best chicken houses that it will ever see, the Flyte so Fancy Blog will return to making fun of him, just as soon as it feels it is safe to do so.

Thanks for reading,
James B