Smite Red Mite Liquid Concentrate - 1 litre & 5 litres
Smite Red Mite Liquid Concentrate - 1 litre
Smite Red Mite Liquid Concentrate - 5 litres

Smite Red Mite Liquid Concentrate

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Smite Red Mite Liquid Concentrate - 1 litre or 5 litres.

Smite Professional Red Mite Liquid is a concentrate that, when mixed at a 6% solution with water, will kill red mites in chicken houses. Available in 1 litre concentrate (which comes with a dosing pump for a 30 ml dose) or a 5 litre concentrate.

* SMITE will effectively eliminate RED MITE and other parasites
* Also effective against mite eggs
* SMITE is non-toxic and does not contain pesticides
* Pleasant odour and easy-to-use dosing pump
* Powerful biocidal disinfectant action against viruses and bacteria
* Economical, only 3-6% dilution required (1lit. makes up to 34 lit. of treatment at 3%)
* Efficient detergent degreaser and cleaner - ideal for removing organic matter
* Suitable for all animal and bird housing
* One product does it all - cleans and disinfects

Cleans and sanitises your chicken coop, simply spray, scrub and rinse. It is a powerful degreaser that breaks down organic matter and therefore the habitats where mites and lice live and thrive.

Combine with Smite Organic Powder for complete Red Mite control and eradication in Chicken Coops.

Dilution guide for 6% solution: Add 60ml per litre of water.

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This stuff works!! Need to use it a couple time as eggs still hatch if they are in wee corners but it’s a 10/10 as it has done the trick in our coop!! Girls are so much more content!!

Linda Creasy (Southampton, GB)
Smite Red mite liquid

I have used the hand spray to get rid of the mites, and so far all well. I will re-do it by topping up the hand sprayer with more concentrate to use when I clean the hen house. Hopefully no more mites!

Kim Lawson (Loughborough, GB)
Brilliant service and great product

Brilliant at getting rid of Red Mites, but I do use it a bit more concentrated then instructions.say.

Elizabeth Hayward
Smite Red Mite Liquid Concentrate - 5 Litres

Flytesofancy is such a reliable supplier. The whole package is superb - website is easy to get around, someone on hand to answer queries, advice videos, well packaged goods and quick delivery. They are my preferred suppliers for my chickens’ needs! Excellent product. Would recommend for red mite infestation!

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Smite Red Mite Liquid Concentrate - 5 Litres

Easy to negotiate website. Quick service. Used many times before. Always Perfedt It Works. Used with Diatom Powder on as a regular control.