Junior PLUS Poultry Protection Pen
Side view Junior PLUS Poultry Protection Pen
Access door Junior PLUS Poultry Protection Pen
Detail of timber cladding on the Protection Pen
Junior PLUS Poultry Protection Pens
Junior PLUS Poultry Protection Pens
Junior PLUS Poultry Protection Pens
Junior PLUS Poultry Protection Pens

Junior PLUS Poultry Protection Pens

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Protection Pen Size:

Protection Pen Size


Flyte so Fancy Junior Poultry Protection Pens - JUNIOR PLUS - available in 4 sizes. All images show the 6ft x 9ft Pen.

The PLUS is the added timber skirting around the base of the Pen giving wind and weather protection to the pets inside. The timber skirt has a height of 43cm (17in).

This is a Walk-in Chicken Run with an (opening outwards) entrance door on the short apex side - hinged left. Four size options* are available, each is 166cm (5ft 5ins) wide and comes in lengths of 9ft 4in long to 18ft 8in long (see specifications). Max height inside is 194cm (6ft 5in).

Great as a breeding Pen for specialist poultry breeders. We have added timber cladding to this Pen to offer protection for the birds when in exposed positions or just to provide them with a sheltered wind-free area.

With this added cover the PLUS Pen can be used for rabbits, guinea pigs, ornamental birds, cats, small dogs, quail, bantams, pheasants - not to mention ducks and chickens!

The Junior Poultry Pen has been tested in all weather and is designed to be transported to you in panels. When built it is a very strong, rigid unit with braces on joints to maintain rigidity.

The door opens outwards and has a sturdy galvanised Brenton bolt so that it can be padlocked if required. Handlebars at each end make this easy to lift and walk (for two people) to a new position.

The Junior Pen comes in flat ready-clad panels for you to simply screw together (full instructions included!). You can watch the assembly-in-minutes video too.

We offer Mating Panels to suit all our Flyte so Fancy hen houses so that the house can be placed outside the Run and join neatly at one end or, if you let us know, we can make the Mating Panel fit one of the panels in the side of the Pen.

Other options to consider are to add a Polycarbonate Roof to provide shelter and keep the run dry or add an Anti-Fox Weldmesh No-Dig Skirt to prevent predators from digging into the Pen.

To create a more permanent base for your Pen we also offer a made-to-measure Sleeper & Woodchip Pack.

* PLEASE NOTE the exact dimensions are given in the Specifications tab for each Pen as we build in cm (based on wire and timber spec.), to achieve the square footage inside. We round into feet for descriptive names i.e. each Pen is longer than named and not as wide.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Debbie Gee (Slough, GB)
Love These Enclosures - Worth Every Penny!

After a period of anticipation, I finally managed to set up our two enclosures, and I must say, the effort was worth it.

I'm compelled to express my admiration for the quality of these products. In an era where quality can often be compromised for cost, these enclosures stand out as a testament to durability and thoughtful design.

Assembly, which I anticipated with a bit of apprehension, turned out to be a breeze. The instructions were clear and intuitive, making the process so easy to follow. It's refreshing to encounter a product that doesn't leave you puzzled with a surplus of unidentifiable spare parts.

The functionality and aesthetic appeal of these enclosures are beyond commendable. Their design caters to both form and function, striking a perfect balance that is often hard to find.

My experience has been so positive that I am already planning to purchase more of these enclosures. They’ve not only met but exceeded my expectations, proving to be a valuable addition to our space.

Hi Debbie,

What a wonderful review, thank you very much!
You've managed to sum up everything we aim for here, so glad to see that we're doing something right :)

Chloe Bolton (Coventry, GB)
Junior plus poultry protection pen

We ordered the 6x12 foot pen and the whole process has been fantastic. Firstly, the customer service was brilliant and the best I’ve had in a very long time. The team can’t do enough for you - they answer the phone promptly, assist in anyway they can and even went out of their way to bring our delivery forward to help us out.

Delivery was seamless and everything arrived well packaged on a pallet with tracking and a call beforehand to say they were on their way.

The pen itself is really good quality. Went together easily and straightforward. Very sturdy and well made. Our rabbits and chickens are very happy in there!

The only comment I would have, if any, is that it needs an internal bolt so you can keep the door locked whilst you’re inside the run. There’s nothing to hold the door shut and you have to keep an eye on any little ones trying to make a run for it! Other than that, it’s fantastic and I highly recommend.

Hi Chloe,

First of all, love it! Amazing review, super lovely, thank you very much :)
Secondly, about 8 years ago a colleague shut me in one of the Long Legged Maggie's runs in our display area for a joke, leaving me to MacGyver my way out using the arm of my glasses to lift the turn button. It took longer than it should for me to remember the glasses on my face. It was like watching a monkey figure out how to use tools for the first time, only slower.
This doesn't really have anything directly to do with your review, but your comment about the door reminded me of it. Happy to send you a hasp and staple, or little hook for the inside if you like?

Elizabeth Hurcombe (March, GB)
Happy Chickens

Well made product - the instructions could possibly have been a little clearer and a latch on the inside of the door would be welcome (easy for me to add one) - the run can be padlocked but good luck to whoever tries to steal a hysterical bantam.....It is absolutely necessary to build this on a flat hard surface then have the man power to move it because as flat as my grass is, it just didn't work building it on site. I do recommend fox proof skirting but as our bantams are quite capable of digging their way out we put the skirting inside the run and covered the floor with wood chips. Very happy.

Wendy Alcock
Junior PLUS Poultry Protection Pen 6ft x 9ft

Very helpful on the phone when I was deciding which run to buy and happy to help me change the design of the run slightly (side, instead of end, door) so that it would fit my space. Run was easy to assemble, with clear instructions, and is very well made. The chooks seem happy too, which is the main thing :)

Joanne Eccles
Junior PLUS Poultry Protection Pen 6ft x 9ft

The customer service team were great and answered all my queries which helped me to assemble my new run. This is a stylish and well made run. It was quite easy to assemble and the team were happy to answer any queries.