Insecto Maxi Insect & Mite Smoke Bomb
Insecto MAXI Insect & Mite Smoke Bomb, 31g
Insecto Insect & Mite Smoke Bombs, Midi & Maxi

Insecto MAXI Insect & Mite Smoke Bomb, 31g

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Insecto Insect & Mite Smoke Bomb, Maxi size at 31g. A Professional-use Smoke Bomb Fumer to kill all flying and crawling insects in animal housing or indoors. 

Simply light the non-sparking wick, and the fumes will work their way into all nooks and crannies killing all flying and crawling insects in the treated areas.

INSECTO Maxi smoke bomb containing the active ingredient Permethrin. The Maxi Fumer is 31g allowing treatment of a room or building of 1000m3. For smaller areas and housing, try the Mini 3.5g Fumer or the Midi 15g Fumer.

Read the label carefully before use.

Guide for use: Remove all pets, people, animals, birds, and aquatics from the room or animal housing to be treated. Close up all windows and ventilation as much as possible so the fumes are contained within the area. Make sure your identified exit can be reached quickly after lighting the taper. Place the fumer on a solid fireproof base at least 300ml square. Follow instructions to ignite the fumer. Leave the area closed and do not enter for a minimum of two hours before opening and ventilating the area well. Allow at least one to two hours of ventilation to the outside before allowing animals back in.

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KOLAWOLE (Hackney, GB)

I still don’t understand what happened to this delivery. The delivery driver took a picture of cardboard boxes on display at the delivery address but no delivery.

Hi Kolawole,
Not particularly helpful tracking from DPD there at all! If you can pop me an email over to to confirm some address details, and we'll see if we can track it down for you.

John Falder (Carlisle, GB)

Still got lice and mite after all them bombs would av give no stars but u don't av it

A Beaumont-hope (Chichester, GB)

Great smoking bomb gets rid of all those little unwanted critters
Good company flyte so fancy
Good service Good delivery
From a very satisfied customer

Clive Gratton (Milford Haven, GB)
Maxi Insect & mite smoke bomb

Excellent service and prompt delivery. Thank you

Helen Iles
Insecto MAXI Insect & Mite Smoke Bomb, 31g

My package needed a signature
Would be helpful if I had known this when the delivery time text was sent,
I had to re-scheule delivery for the following day and arrange to be home Purchase does what it says