Chicken Dustbath and Feeder Shelter, with Pekins
Chicken Feeder Shelter, with Pekins
Chicken Dustbath filled with sand
Pekins in the Dustbath
Chicken Feeder Shelter
Pekins using the Feeder
Using playsand as a dustbath for chickens
Dimensions of Chicken Dustbath - Feeder Shelter

Chicken Dustbath and Feeder Shelter

Sale price£49.95

Timber Chicken Dust Bath & Feeder Shelter, made by Flyte so Fancy.

A unique design from Flyte so Fancy, a Dustbath that doubles as a Feeder Shelter - or - a Poultry Feeder Shelter that doubles as a Dustbath.

Made from sturdy pressure-treated timber (it weighs approx 14kg so is no lightweight blow-away box). Arrives in 4 parts but only takes a few minutes to put together (screws included).

Just fill the base with playsand or dry earth and your chooks will love it (and it will save the flowerbeds). It will also help to prevent the large holes in the ground they make around the hen house when looking for dry earth to bathe in.

When not using it as a dust bath you can turn the base upside down and it becomes a feeder shelter. OR, see Chicken Dust Bath Pair at a reduced price for two.

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Customer Reviews

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Sally Bone (Brighton, GB)
Girls love it!

There was an issue with the delivery but Anne was all over this for me so great customer service. Really well built dust bath, looks good and the girls love it .

Happy hens

The hens love this bath and queue to get in it.
Delivery fast. Worth the money. As my hens are happy.
Would buy more products in the future.
Easy to put together.

Mike (Oxford, GB)
Eggcellent Dustbath

I am not a person who naturally takes to woodwork or any self build project, hence why, from previous experience, I’ve ordered from Flyte So Fancy because I know even I can follow their instructions.

I score the ease of building of the covered dust bath a 1 duck rating (zero being I payed someone else to make it and 1000 meaning I’ve foolishly ordered from Argos again with expectations that it won’t be as bad as last time). Every time I say ‘What the duck’ at the instructions, ‘ducking bell’ because I need a third hand, or any other ‘fowl’ language a duck point is added.

-Were the instructions clear? Almost perfect. I found one issue, partially because I’m not good with building things, that caused the one ‘ducking bell’. For a covered shelter, the uprights align with the floor, but for a dust bath they need to be slightly higher else the lower screws don’t connect with anything, because the base is slightly smaller than the sides (only an issue if you don’t spot this when building)

-Easy to find the right screws? One size for everything. Brilliant.

-Enough screws? Extra provided one, perfect if you lose one. 

-This was so easy to build, even for me. Just the above mentioned issue whether it’s built as a shelter or a dust bath, that requires a slightly different build that is only obvious by really scrutinising the pictures.

It’s obvious from the moment I was unpacking that the quality was eggcellent.

Great design. The hardest parts are shipped prebuilt and only requires 16 screws (of the same size) in sets of 4 to complete.

Summary: Excellent quality and fairly easy to build, even for someone like me. I would recommend buying this.

Net (Keighley, GB)
Happy as a pig in muck

The chickens love this! In all this wet weather the chickens have a little oasis of dry thanks to this really good quality and well made dust bath . I’m really pleased with how easy it was to put together and the quality of it. Just had to add sand.
Great value, easy to move round and looks really cute too!

Pamela Skeggs
Chicken Dustbath and Feeder Shelter

I love ordering from this company, the website is easy to use, the orders usually come within two days, always packed well, and the products are first class. I totally recommend Flyte So Fancy Ltd. This is a great piece of kit for the chickens, they seem to love using it, it was easy to put together and it’s made from good quality wood. Highly recommended.