Brown Canvas Poultry Saddle for hens
Canvas Poultry Saddles fitted to a Brahma hen
Canvas Poultry Saddle fitted to a Hamburg Bantam
flat view of Canvas Poultry Saddle

Brown Poultry Saddles

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Canvas Poultry Saddles, in a tough brown canvas with cream trim. Available in small, medium and large. Handmade in England.

Protect your hens from an over-amourous cockerel during mating as they can easily wound the hen and draw blood during the mating season.

Also useful to protect the back of hens that are being pecked by other hens as the saddle will prevent wounds and allow new feather growth underneath.

Note: the current design varies slightly as the tape has a popper closure to make it a little easier to put onto the hen.

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Customer Reviews

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Beccy Ham (Carmarthen, GB)
Brown poultry saddles (small)

Perfect for our bantam welsummers.
Thank you !

Nikki Parker (Axminster, GB)
Hen jacket

The little jacket has proved to be very successful. From the moment I put it on, my hen had no problem with it and after a few weeks, there is new plumage underneath which had been a real problem with her sisters who were pecking her. Good result! And it looks cute too!

Claire Wotherspoon
Brown Poultry Saddles

Absolutely fantastic - couldn't have been better Easy to fit, and is a great relief to both us and the poor girl in question

Jenny Rowson
Brown Poultry Saddles

Fast delivery, neat packaging Neat little product but has to be readjusted because of slipping off a bit but these are largish rare breed Dorkings. However mostly they stay on and well cover the bald bits

ditz brown
Brown Poultry Saddles

This company has been very helpful, understanding and efficient in dealing with me, even though I had to return my goods. I can't praise them highly enough, would certainly recommend them and buy from them againKindness to a disappointed customer. I have a chicken that looked 'oven-ready', having lost its feathers on the back. The damage must occur when it roosts on a perch with others (which are slightly larger) and I thought that the chicken saddle would be perfect to protect it. The hen tolerated the saddle well but after only a couple of days the feathers on top of her wings were thinning and she was now worse off than before. I therefore thought that the butterfly saddle would do the trick as it is meant to protect the top of the wings as well. Unfortunately there was no way my chicken could get on with this product, there was already a ribbon under the wings from holding the saddle in its position and the stiff Velcro straps were simply too much to add. I sadly had to return the butterfly saddle.

Thank you for your feedback, although disappointed that the saddles didn't work for you, i am pleased we were able so to sort it out quickly and that you are happy with our service.