Wise Chicken Feeder For Cages, 5kg
BEC Wise Chicken Feeder For Cages, 5kg
Wise Chicken Feeder mounted through the chicken run wire
Wise Chicken Feeder For Cages, 5kg, with mounting arms
Close up of Wise Feeder trough with adjustable flow rate
Top view of hopper for Wise Chicken Feeder
Optional Wall Mounting Bracket for Wise Feeder

BEC Wise Chicken Feeder For Cages, 5kg

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BEC Wise Chicken Feeder For Cage Mounting, with a 5kg capacity for pellets or corn. It is a unique design by BEC Osprey for poultry and game keepers looking to prevent feed wastage.

The 5kg Cage Mounted version here is supplied with plastic mounting arms (note: not a wall bracket, but these are available separately) to mount outside a mesh run so the feed trough sits inside the run but the hopper is outside the run i.e. a hole would need to be cut in the wire mesh.

However, if you wish to mount this 5kg version on a solid surface, just add a wall bracket. The Wise feeder is a modular feeder with an option for extension cartridges to increase capacity up to 20kg - we advise wall mounting with two or more brackets if extending.

When the feeder is mounted through the mesh of your run it gives you easy access to the lid of the feeder without disturbing caged birds, which is ideal for certain types of game birds and poultry. It has a rain shield to protect the feed and is easy to maintain and clean.

It will take all types of free-flowing feed and prevent 'scratching out' by birds. The Wise Feeder also helps to prevent vermin from accessing your expensive feed by placing the feed trough high enough that they can't reach it (please note, squirrels are not counted as vermin in this description).

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Marguerite Fleming
BEC Wise Chicken Feeder For Cages, 5kg

Flyte so fancy are excellent online suppliers of quality poultry goods. This feeder is attached to the fence or coop off the ground, thus minimising waste, pest interference and critically is very hygenic.

Richard Stevenson
BEC Wise Chicken Feeder For Cages, 5kg

Great service Not as strong or solid as I thought it would be

Amanda Aldridge
BEC Wise Chicken Feeder For Cages, 5kg

Service was quick and efficient. I only wish that the postage was less. It stops me from buying more stuff! Had spent a lot of time looking for a feeder that keeps the food dry and stops the pigeons and rats from getting in, and at last I've found one! I have fitted it to the side of my wooden rain cover for the girls and it seems perfect. Easy to fill and they took to it straight away. A bit expensive for what it is but if it lasts for a long time then I shall be happy. 🐓🐓🐓

Sally Sherwood
BEC Wise Chicken Feeder For Cages, 5kg

very helpful and efficient looks good yet to fit it it to cage

jennie callomon
BEC Wise Chicken Feeder For Cages, 5kg

They are always reliable, products are sent out promptly and any queries or problems have been quickly solved and rectified. I would always recommend....the hen houses are fantastic . Hens houses bought a few years back are fantastic....all other items are very good.