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Hardwood Woodchip for Poultry Runs - 10 Bags

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Hardwood Woodchips for use as a surface in poultry runs. One Handy Bag will cover approx 1 sq m/10 sq ft.

If you have a fixed run for your poultry, and they are scratching at bare earth or splashing about in mud, sprinkle a good layer of hardwood woodchip in their run and you will have dry, clean, happy hens.

This 10-bag option would be delivered by pallet transport (or courier if you prefer) and there are options for bulk buy 20 bag and 40 bag pallet quantities as well as just single bags. Please see Delivery Info below for expected delivery timescales ...



10 bags Wood Chip at £12.50 per bag. Each Handy Bag will cover approx 1 sq m./10 sq ft.

Hardwood Woodchip for the floor of your outdoor chicken run. If your chickens are in a fixed run and they are splashing about in mud or scratching down to bare earth, sprinkle a good layer of Hardwood Woodchip in the run and you will have happy hens! See our Blog posts about How to get the most out of your Hardwood Woodchip.

10 x Handy Bags of Woodchip in nominal 10 - 40mm sized particles. Flyte so Fancy Hard Wood Chips conform to British standard BS: EN1177:1998.

They do not contain recycled wood waste or bark mulch. These Handy Bags weigh approx 15-20kg, depending on the moisture content of woodchips i.e. the season.

Estimate one sack will cover approx 10 sq ft with a 2-3in depth (To clarify: 10 sq feet is an area of 10ft by 1ft or approx 1metre by 1metre).To calculate your run area:- length times width divided by 10 equals the number of bags you need. So a 9ft x 9ft run would need 8 bags (9 x 9 = 81, divide by 10 = 8). 10 bags will cover 100 sq ft or approx 10 sq metres.

Hints & Tips: 

For getting the best out of your Woodchip see Using Hardwood Woodchip in your Chicken Run

For advice on maintenance of Hardwood Woodchip watch our video Changing your Hardwood Woodchip

If ordering large quantities of woodchip to store for later use (very economical if you have the space to store them), then we do advise making sure there are air holes in the stored bags to allow moisture to escape and prevent sweating inside the plastic bags, which can produce (harmless) moulds.


Delivery of Woodchip is via Palletline Transport company and the carriage starts e.g. to postcodes in mainland England, at £39.95 - for other areas just add to basket, select destination postcode and delivery will be shown.

Or, you can collect from us here in Dorset and save on carriage. Call 01300 345229 to check on stock levels before making a journey.

Please allow up to 7 working days for delivery during busy times. Pallet delivery does require access for a small lorry with a rear tail-lift (we can send in boxes by courier if access is a problem, just let us know).

The driver will place the pallet in a convenient place on your property for you to unpack as you wish (the driver will not unpack the pallet for you or remove it). A signature on delivery is preferable but if you are happy for the pallet to be left safely please mention this when ordering.

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