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Hardwood Woodchip for Poultry Runs

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Hardwood Wood Chips for use as a surface in poultry runs. Sustainable, eco-friendly, and natural; this is the answer to 'what do I put on the floor of my chicken run'?

The chickens love it; it keeps them clean, gives them something to scratch in all day long, washes through with the rain and only needs changing perhaps once or twice a year. See Specifications for volume/weight/particle size.

You can watch our Video on Changing your Hardwood Woodchip

If your hens have a fixed run, and they are scratching at bare earth or splashing about in the mud, sprinkle a good layer of hardwood woodchip in their run and you will have happy hens!

Much better than bark, which we do not advise because of the mould spores, and bark does become slushy after the rain; softwood would degrade very quickly and just work its way into the mud hardwood woodchip though will just sit on top of the ground and can easily withstand all weathers.

Even though it is a 'hardwood' it is still soft enough for the birds and best replicates the surfaces of their ancestral roots from the jungle. We have found this woodchip is an absolutely perfect surface for chicken runs.

Hints & Tips:

For getting the best out of your Woodchip see Using Hardwood Woodchip in your Chicken Run

Woodchip is often damp when bagged so the weight of the bag will vary (sometimes by up to 5kg), however, the bags are 50 litre bags so the volume in the bags is always the same no matter how wet.

If ordering large quantities of woodchip to store for later use (very economical if you have the space to store them), then we do advise making sure there are air holes in the stored bags to allow moisture to escape and prevent sweating inside the plastic bags, which can produce (harmless) moulds.

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Marilyn Mills (Leeds, GB)
Hardwood wood chip

The perfect flooring for poultry runs

Vicki Welsh
Perfect for the wet winter days

Excellent product - with all the rain lately our chicken run was turning into a muddy mess and the wood chip has returned it to a pleasant place for our hens to scratch around in without needing wellies! Ordering and delivery were easy and on time. Thank you


Perfect handy size bags of woodchip for the chicken runs. Literally the only place I can get it at a good price.

Helen Lloyd (Edinburgh, GB)

I have ordered these hardwood chips for my chickens many times. Excellent quality, fast delivery and even better that it’s supporting an independent business


Always order this for my chicken runs - keeps their feet mud free in Winter.