Tour the Framebow Arch Chicken Coop

Tour the Framebow Arch Chicken Coop

Video Tour of The Arch Chicken Coop. Phill guides you round the features and shows the quality of timber and finish of this handmade Chicken Coop.

A Video Tour of The Arch Chicken Coop

Join Phill for a 5-minute tour around The Arch Chicken Coop - a beautifully shaped, curved hen house and run with a modern unique design. Designed and made in Dorset by Flyte so Fancy, The Arch Coop is part of the Framebow range of Arched Pet and Bird Houses.

Phill (dressed for the heat of summer - sorry about the socks!) shows you its unique features and how the quality of timber makes the difference. Suitable for up to 8 medium-sized hens, it is a practical and easy-to-clean house, a pleasure to use and to look at.

Whether you live in a town, village, or the countryside, the Arch Chicken Coop is an excellent choice if you are keen to keep garden hens. Its robust build and secure walk-in run makes it a durable and long-lasting option. Plus, the coop's high-rise house means the internal parts easily lift out for efficient cleaning with a pull-out floor for added convenience.

For more information visit the About our Housing page and the Chicken Coops for the Garden. To see just how easy the assembly of the Coop is see our video on How to Assemble the Arch Chicken Coop.

Consider investing in the Arch Chicken Coop for a hassle-free and stylish addition to your garden.