Smarten Your Retail Space with Our Commercial Wheelie Bin Stores

Smarten Your Retail Space with Our Commercial Wheelie Bin Stores

Say Goodbye to Messy Waste Bins with Our Commercial Bin Storage Solutions.

Maximise Space and Minimise Eyesores with Our Commercial Bin Storage

When you are looking for a way to spruce up your commercial property and keep your waste bins organised and out of sight, consider investing in one of our large timber Wheelie Bin Stores for Commercial Bins.

Commercial Wheelie Bin Stores

These bin stores are not only functional but also stylish, offering a more attractive alternative to the usual industrial-style units.

One of the main benefits of a Flyte so Fancy timber Wheelie Bin Store is its durability. UK Made from thick 21mm Scandinavian Redwood, the store is pressure-treated to ensure it can withstand harsh weather conditions and regular use.

The timber roof is made from 21mm T&G Shiplap, adding an extra layer of protection against the elements. Additionally, the heavy-duty galvanised bolts, hinges and handles ensure that the store remains secure and sturdy over time.

1100L Wheelie Bin StoreAnother advantage of this timber wheelie bin store is its ability to prevent odours from building up.

The chevron cladding on the double doors at the front, each side, and the vertical cladding at the back create a 2cm air-flow gap between each board.

This feature ensures that air can circulate freely, preventing unpleasant smells from accumulating inside the bin store.

A large timber wheelie bin store is also a practical solution for commercial properties that generate a lot of waste. The stores are designed to take large commercial wheelie bins, providing ample space for storing a large volume of waste - particularly useful for businesses such as hotels, restaurants, and pubs that produce a significant amount every day.

1100L Bin Stores with Full Height Doors

The Commercial Bin Stores we offer are available in a 660 litre size and 1100 litre with ¾ doors (as above).

Both have options for full height doors to make them fully secure - often a requirement today for commercial insurance.

For slightly smaller commercial bins we make a 360 litre Bin Store and for residential requirements see our range of Bin Storage and Recycling Box units for 240 Litre Bins - from single to quadruple sets.

Double Wheelie Bin Store for 240L Bins

Finally, a timber wheelie bin store offers an aesthetically pleasing solution for waste storage. The natural wood finish adds a touch of warmth and character to the property, creating a more inviting atmosphere for customers and visitors. The stores can also be painted to complement the colour scheme of your premises, giving you a sleek up-to-date look.

So, if you want to upgrade your commercial property, or just add more kerb appeal to your home, consider investing in a timber wheelie bin store from Flyte so Fancy.