Ask Phill 25 - Changing your Hardwood Woodchip

Ask Phill 25 - Changing your Hardwood Woodchip

Phill guides you through just how easy it is to maintain and change all the Woodchip on the floor of your Chicken Run, ready for winter - or summer.

Maintenance of your Chicken Run - How to get the best out of Hardwood Woodchip

In the Ask Phill No25 Video ... Phill asks Rob the Gardener about looking after the Woodchip in a Chicken Run, how often to change it and the easiest way to keep it clean.

  • Woodchip provides a soft, natural, surface for chickens to walk on and scratch in which will help prevent foot injuries.
  • It allows water to drain through into the ground thereby keeping the surface dry and mud-free.
  • Keeps the birds entertained by encouraging their natural instincts to scratch the ground looking for bugs.
  • Easy to maintain with a simple monthly hygiene routine to keep it bacteria-free. See Coop & Run Sanitising Powder.
  • A complete change and refresh of the Woodchip may only be needed once a year. Make sure it is a screened, Sustainable and Certified, Play-grade, Hardwood Woodchip without bark.

For more information about Hardwood Woodchip for Chickens take a look at our Using Hardwood Woodchip page.

Hardwood Woodchips in your chicken run is sustainable, eco-friendly, and natural. Your chickens will thoroughly enjoy scratching around all day long, and best of all, it gives them a clean and dry surface in their run.