Flyte so Fancy Chicken Jungle Gym with Pekins
Chicken Jungle Gym with chickens
Close up of Chicken Jungle Gym
Jungle Gym on a green lawn
The Chicken Jungle Gym in a garden
Flyte so Fancy Jungle Gym for Chickens
The Chicken Jungle Gym
The Chicken Jungle Gym

The Chicken Jungle Gym

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The Chicken Jungle Gym®, designed and made by Flyte so Fancy.

Are your hens looking for some entertainment? In need of some exercise? Or just after a little adventure? Look no further, this is the answer ...

Our Chicken Jungle Gym® has everything - a ramp, a ladder, perches at different levels, hanging points for treats and feeders and a little roof for shelter from sun or rain. As you can see our birds took to it straight away and just love it.

This Gym for Chickens is really robust to stand up to years of use by all kinds of birds, and strong enough to withstand the odd gale or two as well.

Delivered flat-packed for self assembly with all fixings and instructions supplied.

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Customer Reviews

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Sarah Hatfield (Hull, GB)
Happy Chickens

The quality of the jungle gym is excellent, and it was straightforward to assemble, though I had to move the perches a few times to get them at the right height. I was too eager. Now it is up; the chickens enjoy climbing it to reach their daily treats. I am delighted with my purchase, and the chickens are too. I had to contact customer services and got an immediate and helpful response. I would recommend the Jungle Gym and Flyte so Fancy.

Pippa S (Truro, GB)
Looks good, sturdy and simple to build

Arrived quickly and well packaged. Was very easy to put together, would have liked an idea of where to put the perches as once I put the roof on I realised I'd positioned them too high.
I haven't seen my birds use it yet, but they're a bit nervous so it will take them a week or two. But I'm happy that it will alleviate any boredom.

Katie McDowell (Tetbury, GB)

I recently purchased The Chicken Jungle Gym and found it extremely well made and super easy to put together (I am female in case this helps any women out there wondering). I did require a good electric screwdriver, but the instructions are clear and concise and gives a good step by step on how to construct it. My pekin bantams and chickens have explored it a little, but they are still looking at it as if it's a large Elephant and are a little nervous, but I am sure in time they will be climbing all over it and enjoying every minute. I must say it looks very lovely in the run we have as well, the wood is a lovely shade and blends really beautiful with the nature around it. Lovely piece! Thank you :)

Thank you for taking the time to leave such a lovely review!
Our Brahmas go back and forth between using it as a morning meeting place and trying to tunnel through the woodchip underneath it.
If you keep hanging treats on it, and steadily move them higher, they'll soon get used to the game of getting up to where the tasty titbits are :)

Ian Bovington
The Chicken Jungle Gym

Goods arrived on time, well packaged, and the product is well made and very sturdy. Goods arrived on time, well packaged, and the product is well made and very sturdy.

Belinda Neal
The Chicken Jungle Gym

Excellent product. Really good quality. Highly recommend. Excellent product. Great company