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Redtop Fly Trap Catcher

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Redtop Fly Trap Catcher. Genuine Red Top - beware of imitations!!

The Redtop Fly Trap Catcher effectively catches and contains flies and blowflies drastically reducing the problem by trapping up to 155 flies a minute.

The non-chemical lure is especially effective with female blowflies which are each capable of laying up to 600 eggs every two to three days.

The Redtop Flytrap can contain up to 20,000 flies and lasts up to 12 weeks. Therefore, with the female flies having a life cycle of three to five weeks, the Red Top Flytrap can remove over 1.2 million flies from the environment, your home and/or livestock.

Specifically designed for outdoor use, Redtop Fly Traps draw flies away from the home, patio, barbeque or any other affected area.

It is recommended that the Red Top be placed about 15m from the house and so keep the home fly-free, however, as this is not possible in all properties it can be placed closer but it must be remembered it is to attract the flies away from the house.

  • Extremely effective – one regular trap can catch up to 20,000 flies in just 3 days
  • Economical – low cost and requires no electricity
  • Environmentally friendly, food safe and disposable
  • Very easy to use
  • Flies cannot build up resistance to the trap
  • It’s particularly attractive to female flies – stopping the reproductive cycle
  • Doesn’t attract bees or other good insects
  • Can be used to attract flies from inside the house, business, farm or other any other area with flies
  • Catches fruit flies and pesticide resistant flies 10 times faster than alternative products

FSF Comment: An amazing product, we just could not believe how effective this was - it does exactly what it says on the packet! A little warning from customer feedback - keep the Redtop and its packaging safe from animals, especially dogs, as they can find the scent attractive and want to eat it.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 95 reviews
Christine Duckhouse
Redtop Mini Fly Trap

Always a quick knowledgeable service. Simply the best available and essential in summer months.

Jennifer Sage
Redtop Mini Fly Trap

Order easy. Delivery great. Quality excellent.
Would love to have time to visit in person. I’ve used before an can’t go through the summer without them.

Mrs V Chater
Redtop Mini Fly Trap

For 6 years Flyte So Fancy have efficiently supplied all my chicken products, which are of high quality. Always excellent service, thank you. Helps attract flies to the bottom of the garden away from the house. Works well.

Susan Bastin
Redtop Mini Fly Trap

I find the website easy to use and the service is superb. I ordered an automatic door opener for my chicken house and it was with me within 48 hours, with appropriate packaging. I have been using this company for the last ten years for various chicken related products and they have never let me down. I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone needing chicken related products. Nothing they could do better really! I buy two or three of these every year and they are excellent, the multitude of flies which inhabited our converted barns in the summer were a real problem until I started to hang these flytraps up. Now 8 years down the line we have very few flies - they are all in these bags hanging around the perimeter of our garden!

Jennie Allen
Redtop Mini Fly Trap

Fast service, well packaged. Would definitely use again.