Net-Tex Scaly Leg Remover - 250ml
Net-Tex Scaly Leg Remover - 500ml

Net-Tex Scaly Leg Spray

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Net-Tex Scaly Leg Spray - 250ml or 500ml non-aerosol spray. For the treatment of Scaly Leg Mite in chickens and other birds.

Net-Tex Scaly Leg Spray will:

  • Provide a natural barrier
  • Create an uninhabitable environment
  • Suffocate the scaly leg mite eliminating the source of irritation
  • Help to soothe, soften and cleanse scales providing relief from discomfort

Net-tex Scaly Leg Remover is a specifically blended formulation designed to suffocate and effectively remove the Scaly Leg parasite in a simple spray application. It may take several weeks, however, before the scales return to normal.

Instructions for Use: Can be sprayed directly on the legs, feet, comb and wattles to treat the infested areas (avoid eye contact).

Alternatively, spray on to a soft toothbrush and apply to the legs and feet in an upward motion. Repeat approx every 3 days for 3 weeks to break the egg cycle until the infestation has gone.

Please read label carefully. Do not spray directly onto feathers.

For more information visit our Information Centre - How to Treat Scaly Leg Mite.

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Customer Reviews

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Rosery Hens (Hackney, GB)
Scaly feet problem

This spray is easy to use and we have started the treatment regime. Enough for several hens/ roosters. Too early to say how effective it will be but so far so good. Service and delivery was very efficient.

Working better than previous brand

The cockerel that has been the most effected by scaly leg wasn’t getting better, so we decided to try Net-Tex scaly leg spray. We took the suggestion of using a toothbrush and this seems to be working well and he is getting better everytwoeiht[w'gpij'rgh[spke...

jabberwocky the cockerel here. enough with the brush thing. i demand dignity. don't tell humans am hiding in nest box. send help!

Sorry about that, wrestled the keyboard away and sent Jabberwocky back out again, no doubt to hide from us in the nest box. That's the thing about the scaly leg getting better, he is much more able to get about again!

Scaly Leg

Have used this solution before and it always does the job. Just follow the instructions and your chickens will soon be free from scaly leg.


Arrive quickly. Time will tell if it works

Dominic Harding
Net-Tex Scaly Leg Remover - 250ml

fast postage loved the youtube vid explaining the product So far the item is working well and seems to be clearing up the issue quickly, I have been using it for about 5 days and I'm on the second use on the hens and it seems to be getting better