Flyte so Fancy Diatomaceous Earth Powder, 2kg & 5kg
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Flyte Diatomaceous Earth Powder

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Flyte so Fancy Diatomaceous Earth Powder (DE), is a 100% natural powder. Re-sealable tub available in 2kg or 5kg.

DE is a desiccant powder that can be sprinkled inside the hen house or on the birds, or on cat and dog bedding.

Diatomaceous Earth is very absorbent and is used as a drying agent in poultry and livestock bedding and housing areas, especially in moist areas where moulds, fungi, mites and crawling insects thrive.

As a desiccant, Diatomaceous Earth provides an effective solution to dampness and moisture within the hen house which in itself provides habitats and breeding places for moulds and mites associated with chickens.

Use regularly to eliminate these habitats from your chicken coop. Sprinkle on the birds against irritation from mites or add to feed as part of a healthy intestinal regime.

Diatomaceous Earth is a fine powder made of the fossilised remains of diatoms (a type of algae) which are found in river beds all over the world. It is a natural product and works at a microscopic level. This DE is classed as food-grade, is not heat-treated, and contains no chemicals or pesticides (beware of other DE that is calcinated - heat-treated - and only meant for use in filtration systems).

* Safe, odourless and natural
* No Egg withdrawal needed
* No Chemicals or Pesticides
* Harmless to Children and Animals

Note: When handling any poultry and/or applying powders, however safe to use, we would suggest using a Disposable Dustmask, and perhaps a pair of Rubber Gloves or Disposable Latex Gloves.

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Our go to supplier

Lucy Miller (Surbiton, GB)

Bought a small bottle of DE to try on the redmite in nesting boxes. Really effective, so have just bought a large tub to keep me going over the winter.

Sandy Roberts (East Grinstead, GB)
Diatomaceous Earth Powder from Flyte

Always use this, never had any problems with pests, keeps Co op hygienic

Sara Loch (Taunton, GB)
No more red mites

Ever since I have started using Flyte Diatomaceous Earth Powder my chickens have not suffered with red mites. Admittedly I pressure washed the hen house the first time, but only occasionally since.

Anita P (Barrow in Furness, GB)
Diatomaceous Earth Feather Fab

Wonderful just makes my hens feel fresh and mite free excellent dusting bath stuff happy hens..,