Easichick Poultry Bedding

Easichick Poultry Bedding, 10kg bale

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Easichick™ is a recycled wood fibre bedding made specifically for poultry in a small 10kg bale.

This bedding is super absorbent and available in easy-to-handle 10kg bales for back garden chicken keepers.

Easichick™ Poultry Bedding is:

* Biosecure from factory to delivery
* Absorbent and free-draining
* Dust free* Bacteria free
* Biodegradable
* Easy to handle 10kg bale
* Warm & comfortable for your birds

Easichick bedding is treated with organic additives to reduce the bacteria levels (moulds, yeasts, etc.) and reduce the TVC (total viable counts) to a specific level, as recommended by poultry vets.

Add Easichick™ to the floor and nest area of the poultry house at a depth of 3cm. Change or replenish when required. Not suitable for birds with webbed feet.

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Customer Reviews

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Pat Taylor (Faringdon, GB)
Convenient sized bale

The bedding appears absorbent and ideal for the hen house. The 10 kg bale is a convenient size for

Paul Quinn (Lincoln, GB)
Easichick Bedding

I use it for my parrot. Easier than dust and straw. Easy to clean out.

Joanne Smith (Coventry, GB)
Arrived quick and well packaged.

5 stars for service. Nice product and decent price

Bruce McDermott
Easichick Poultry Bedding, 10kg bale

Always pleased with products from this company.
Well made and excellent value with really prompt delivery.
Easy to use website for placing orders.
Very comprehensive catalogue. Brilliant bedding completely dust free and the chickens seem to really like this type of bedding for nesting and laying their eggs and reduces any chance of accidental breakage.

Tiff Francis
Easichick Poultry Bedding, 10kg bale

Excellent, elegant run which benefits from the thickness of the wood and the sturdiness of the construction. Looking forward to introducing my Orpingtons to it! Perfect for the job - very happy customer :)