Durdle Door Wooden Dovecote, 3-bay
Durdle Door Wooden Dovecote, 3-bay, fence mounted
Front view Durdle Door Wooden Dovecote, 3-bay
Durdle Door Wooden Dovecote, 3-bay among the roses
Close up of roof apex Durdle Door Wooden Dovecote, 3-bay
Close up of timber, Durdle Door Wooden Dovecote, 3-bay
Inside the Durdle Door Wooden Dovecote, 3-bay

Durdle Door Dovecote - 3-Bay

Sale price£295.00

The Durdle Door Wooden Dovecotes for wall mounting. The 3-Bay Dovecote is of course for 3 pairs of Doves ...

An elegantly curved wooden Dovecote made using joinery-grade pressure-treated timber and built to last.

The Framebow Durdle Door Dovecotes are wall-mounted Dovecotes, available as 3-Bay, 6-Bay or 10-Bay.

The 3-Bay is approx. 33ins wide and 28ins high with each dove access hole being 6 in wide x 8 in tall. Inside are separate bays, with a landing platform, for each pair of doves to create a cosy home. 

3-Bay Dovecote Dimensions (external): 84cm wide at the base; 45cm deep (front to back); 72cm high.

Delivered ready assembled to be mounted in place by screwing from the inside back panel into your wall or fence. The front panel can easily be removed for access to clean. 

We only use FSC approved, joinery-grade, pressure-treated timber for our Dovecotes with T&G 21mm Shiplap for the roof and 16mm T&G board on the vertical panels and floor (see About our Houses for more details).

We advise an annual maintenance regime where it is cleaned out thoroughly and an application of wood treatment, like Protek Eco-Shield, is applied externally.

With this simple maintenance, your Dovecote will be protected against all weather, and the pressure-treated timber protects against rot and fungal attack for 15 years.

Installation: We advise using a qualified tradesman to install as the Dovecote is large and heavy to handle on your own, especially if mounting high on a wall.

Remove the front panel and screw through the back panel, use all pre-drilled fixing points (and the provided rawlplugs if necessary).

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