Boredom Buster Pecking Ring for Chickens
Boredom Buster Pecking Ring for Poultry
Boredom Buster Pecking Ring for Chickens, hanging
Boredom Buster Pecking Ring with Brahmas

Boredom Buster Pecking Ring for Poultry

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Flyte so Fancy Boredom Buster® Pecking Rings for Poultry.

Jam-packed with wholegrains, apples and berries, the new rock-hard recipe of the 'Granola' Boredom Buster prolongs pecking time for maximum entertainment.

Great for chickens to prevent boredom and hence feather pecking or aggression among your flock. Each block weighs 550 grams (1lb 3oz) and has a hanging cord.

The Boredom Buster Pecking Block for chickens is made of mixed grains and fruit with a binder to create a tough peck block. If your hens are of a delicate nature you can soften the block by applying a little water.

We have tested it with our own birds (shown in one of these images with two of our Brahma Hens), it is still good even in the rain and they really do seem to love it, but most of all it lasts such a long time.

Made in the UK. Store in a cool dry place and when not in use store in a safe place to avoid insects. Boredom Buster® and Boredom Busters® are trademarks of Flyte so Fancy Ltd.

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Customer Reviews

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Val M (Norwich, GB)

Having tried various pecking blocks before which my girls ignored, I am pleased to find one which they actually enjoy pecking at. The first block is almost gone after a month so I have bought a few more so can keep one in there all the time. Good price too.

K Sherwood (Chatteris, GB)
A popular chicken snack if a bit sticky!

Our chickens like this.

Mad chicken lady (Puckeridge, GB)
Boredom problem solved!

My girls have been very fed up due to the cold wet weather. They are really enjoying their new found entertainment.

Emma Baker (Worthing, GB)
Chickens love it!

Chickens love it, but had to put in for short periods, otherwise they would have wolfed the lot!

Helen (Bristol, GB)
Boredom Buster

I don’t have one of the original pecker rings for comparison but from memory these seem smaller for the same price.

Hi Helen,
These are indeed slightly smaller, by about 50g, but they are also cheaper than the previous versions by about 50p