Wall Mounted Wise Chicken Feeder, 10kg
Wall Mounted Wise Chicken Feeder, 10kg, LHS
Wall Mounted Wise Chicken Feeder, 10kg, front
Rear view Wall Mounted Wise Chicken Feeder, 10kg
Side view Wall Mounted Wise Chicken Feeder, 10kg
Wise Chicken Feeder, Tree Mounted, 15kg capacity
Wise Chicken Feeder with Orpington hen
Wise Chicken Feeder with 2 x 5kg extension cartridges

BEC Wall Mounted Wise Chicken Feeder, 10kg

Sale price£35.95

BEC Wall Mounted Wise Chicken Feeder, 10kg, comes with one white extension cartridge and a wall bracket.

The Wise Feeder features all the same properties as the 5kg Wise Feeder for Cages version but comes with an additional 5kg silo extension taking the total capacity up to 10kg.

The Wise Feeder also helps to prevent vermin from accessing your expensive feed by positioning the feed trough high enough that they can't reach it (please note, within this advice, squirrels are not counted as vermin).

Quick to install and easy-to-use, the BEC Wall Mounted Wise Feeder is a must for those looking for a high-capacity, slimline feeder to mount to a hen house or vertical surface. It has a rain shield to protect the feed and is easy to maintain and clean.

The hopper will take all types of free-flowing feed (except mash) and prevents 'scratching out' by birds. Adjustable feed flow. Not suitable for mash.

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Customer Reviews

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Selena Harrison (Newtonhill, GB)
Feed Box

Great product, thank you

Melissa Lucas (Biggleswade, GB)
Good idea and we hope to use it for longer periods out of the house but not the perfect design

This is a really robust chicken feeder and I think the idea you can expand its capacity is brilliant. Which I (user error) didn't realise from the website is that the options are to cut a hole in your mesh to fix it to the outside of a run, or to screw it into a solid wall/similar. We didn't want to do the former and have used zip ties to attach it inside the walk in run. The other key issue is it can really only be used in a properly watertight area - it has not slope/roof to prevent rain running down into the food it is dispensing which then goes mouldy. We are using growers pellets and it seemed good that you could adapt the speed at which it dispenses but again in reality, the food just gets a bit stuck on the way down instead. Brilliant service from Flyte So Fancy though and quick delivery.

Cass, Mic (Hexham, GB)

Really good value product. I'm going on holiday soon and this product gives me confidence that the chickens will be fed while I'm away.
Really easy to put together and everyting needed is included, fixings, screws etc.
Well designed and happy with the price.
HIghly recommended fom me.

Patricia Morrison (Oban, GB)
BEC wall mounted feeder

I like the feeder, however the bracket pulls away from from the wall when the feeder is full. I had to put a further support around the feeder and secure it to the wall. Feeder is easy to fill, you can see when food level goes down and it very accessible for the hens, with no spillage.


A very good product me 5 girls love it