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Poultry Shield Liquid Concentrate


Poultry Shield Liquid Concentrate by Biolink. Select 1 litre or 5 litre sizes. Dilute at one part to 5 parts water.

Poultry Shield is a safe liquid concentrate, diluted with water before use, for spraying throughout the hen house especially into crevices where red mite live and thrive.



Poultry Shield is a Multi-purpose Cleaner, Degreaser and Chicken Coop Sanitiser.

The 1 litre concentrate makes 5 litres solution; 5 litres makes 25 litres.

+ + Effective for removing the habitats that Red Mite live in and will help to eradicate them when used with Biolink Diatom Powder
+ + Can help eradicate 96% red mite & lice in 48 hours when used with Diatom Powder
+ + Effective sanitiser against bacteria, viruses, yeast and fungi
+ + Environmentally friendly
+ + Use as a weak solution for cleaning feeding equipment
+ + Can be used without removing the birds from the house, but DO NOT use directly on the birds

By using Poultry Shield on your hen house it will remove the organic matter in which mites live and thrive. Poultry-Shield has a deep penetrating effect into the cracks, crevices and corners of your chicken coop where the mite aggregate to sleep and lay eggs. Residual effect is the destruction of the mite eggs thus breaking the reproductive cycle.

Poultry Shield is a multi-purpose cleaner, Sanitiser and Odour Neutraliser. We recommend regular cleaning of the Henhouse with this product to keep the danger of all infections at bay. Best applied with a Pressure Sprayer and using rubber gloves, which eases the job and makes it most effective.

In a 5% solution, this product is able to clean and remove the organic matter present on material, equipment, cages. It has excellent sanitising properties and will reduce cross contamination.

Diluted at the rate of 1 part concentrate to 5 parts clean water (i.e. add 200ml to one litre of water). Full instructions for use are included with the bottle.

Convert to old money! - 200ml = 7 fluid ounces, so 1 litre = 35 fluid ounces, or 1.75 pints. Therefore, add 4 fluid ounces of Poultry Shield to One pint of water.


Standard delivery via courier is next working day to most mainland UK destinations for orders placed before 2pm (excl. weekends and bank holidays).

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