Why We Do What We Do - at Flyte so Fancy

Deep in the Heart of Dorset's Dairy Country is a Little Workshop ...

Flyte so Fancy's view of the Blackmore ValeDeep in dairy country, surrounded by the ‘green, green grass’ of Dorset, is a little workshop at Flyte so Fancy. Well actually, it’s quite a large workshop now, but it started in a very small way. Just Phillip beavering away making dovecotes and bird tables; kennels and hutches; on-demand and with an engineer’s eye to make it ... just right.

Commissions for chicken coops followed and, ever one to go with the flow, Anne built a website to showcase Phillip's designs. What followed, on their journey over the next 21 years, in short, was a retail shop, 5 more websites, a warehouse, and a much larger workshop ... now with 7 carpenters beavering away and another team of 10 to make it all run smoothly.

You see ... Phillip and Anne love quality, in everything they do. They love birds and animals and feel deeply that it’s a duty to give them the best care in their lives, from their housing to their daily needs.

After 30+ years of avid poultry keeping, covering many breeds of hen (including 40 ex-battery hens), ducks, turkeys, guinea fowl, quail, geese and more; they felt they could apply this experience when creating Flyte so Fancy.

In that time, they have also cared for many of the usual pets from cats, dogs, alpacas, goats, rabbits and guinea pigs to the more unusual white doves, koi carp and chinchillas. Strongly built homes, made of natural materials, designed for the creatures that inhabit them, as well as the people that care for them, is paramount at Flyte so Fancy.

Phillip and Anne love the countryside of course and always try to take a part in its care and our responsibilities to it. This is why there are solar panels on the roof of the warehouse feeding any excess electricity into the grid. It’s why there is great care about our waste, keep it to a minimum and recycled as much as possible. It’s why there is constant thought to try to reduce journeys whether delivering to us or delivering to you.

Everyone at Flyte so Fancy knows these demands are high and often a challenge, but then ... it’s why we do what we do.