How to Install Electric Poultry Netting

How to Install Electric Poultry Netting

Follow our short video to guide you through the easy way to install flexible electric netting.

Hints & Tips on Installing Electric Poultry Netting

Installing Poultry Netting can be a little bit fiddly and frustrating if you have never used it before so, we have made this short video guide to give you some tips on the easiest way to prevent 'entangling' yourself in the process.

The Netting used in the video is just 16m long for this demonstration but the nets are available in rolls of 25m and 50m. Visit our Electric Fencing Kits page where you can find our complete Netting Kit options.

For more details about electric netting and how to use it for chickens, see our Electric Netting Advice page or our FAQ page on Electric Fencing.