Clean eggs laid in Flyte so Fancy Hemp Bedding

Ask Phill 5 - Which Bedding should I use in my Chicken House?

Hints & Tips for chicken keepers explaining the options for poultry bedding and how to get the best from it.

What is the best type of Poultry Bedding?

In AskPhill 5 of our video series for chicken keepers, Phill reviews the poultry bedding options available, gives his advice on which is best to use and why, and then what not to use and why.

Maybe you are new to keeping chickens and don't know where to start, the choices seems endless. Maybe your chickens appear to be suffering from respiratory problems, or if your hen house is unduly smelly, it might be time to review the bedding you are using.

Take a look at our options for the best bedding for chicken coops.